I Can Haz Purse

You will lick your chops for one of these purses!


The beagle has decided that she’s tired of filing contracts and answering phones – which is insulting considering she doesn’t do squat all anyway – and is focusing on making her own money.

She and her minions have decided to open up a side biz that puts authors’ cover art on purses. I can attest to the fact that these purses draw a crowd because she made a couple for me, and it literally does stop traffic and initiate all kinds of conversation. And some sales, too!


Why? You need to ask why?? Oh, come on… who doesn’t want their gorgeous cover art being exposed all the time? It’s one of a kind and beats the heck out of those goofy pins and earrings.

They also make great prizes or promotional giveaways (filled with a copy of your book, of course).

Sample of a large and small purse


These are classy, sturdy, durable little buggers…the beagle uses high-grade heavy cardboard that take a beating. The purse handles are hand-chosen to coordinate with the book cover – as is the interior fabric. So each purse truly is one of a kind.

The large purses hold a ton of garbage…Kindle, wallet, designer doggie chewies, iPod…I carry mine around everywhere. It even survived being ooo’d and ahhh’d at the airport while I was suffering the indignity of a body cavity search. It’s like the old Timex commercials – takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

The small purses are great for giveaways and prizes.


It’s pretty painless – simply attach your high resolution jpg (300 dpi) of your full cover art to an email and state which size you want – big or small.

And it’s not just cover art. Anything that can be photographed can go on one of the beagle’s purses…family photos, scenery, wedding photos, the time you danced on the bar singing “I’m An Oscar Meyer Wiener”…the sky is the limit, and we don’t judge. Well, I don’t, and I can’t speak for the beagle.


Big purse (12 x 8.5) = $45 + shipping
Small purse (5.5 x 8.5) = $35 + shipping


Payment is made via Paypal or check. The beagle, or one of her minions will invoice you.


All orders should be sent to the beagle’s email – beagle@behlerpublications.com


Yes, yes, she tells me she’s working on a website, but she wants to bogart my blog for now since the Doberman who’s doing the design work isn’t known for his speed.

I haz a purse…I haz a happy

Wee testimonials:
“To be honest, it’s hard to imagine any writer not wanting one of these gorgeous purses. I absolutely love mine and want to go out ALL the time with it. It’s so unusual and striking. Don’t suppose you’re going to do the same with shoes?!”
Nicola Morgan, that crabbity old bat (even tho I’m older than she is)

The purse arrived yesterday–how cool and clever! What a great idea for promotion! I love it.
-Victoria Strauss, author extraordinaire and publishing watchdog

The book cover purses are creative, fun and fabulous. The author in me thinks they’re an inventive way to promote my books.
Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author and publisher of Imajin Books


WANNA SEE MOAR? (click to enlarge)




….and for you non-writers, you can put anything on your purse…like family photos for gramma, when you have NO CLUE what to get her for Mother’s Day…

For the writer in your life – or for yourself – get your Writer’s Clock or Comma Sutra purse for a special price of $40 (large size)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

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