The smell of a new submission – relax, it’s not what you’re thinking

Whenever we get a new ARC (advanced reader copy) for one of our titles into the office, I stop everything and admire the birth of a new book. It’s a ritual with me; I touch the smoothness of the cover before opening the book to smell the pages, remembering every bit of the production process. It’s my final way of honoring a job well done before we scoot it out the door to the great wide world of reviewers, distributors, and buyers.

I get the same kind of googly over submissions, too. Works that have all the earmarks of brilliance get all my attention. I savor each word of the plot and development and stretch out the reading for hours by reading a page or two here, a page there. You know how you get brain freeze if you eat ice cream too fast? Reading a great submission too fast has the same effect. Taking it slow is my private way of tipping my red pen to genius. It just smells great, and I want to enjoy the bouquet.

Yeah, it’s sick, I know. I’m considering therapy

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