Press Release from Mission Viejo Mental Ward:

Ms. Price was admitted to our care late last night and is resting comfortably after a healthy dose of lithium, xanax, and vodka. Her faithful secretary, a very small beagle, said, “I couldn’t see anything but the whites of her eyes, and I knew it wasn’t from the rum punches I made at lunch. She began mumbling and drooling, saying something about, ‘an apology…an apology… he wrote a friggin’ aplogy.’ She then stood on her desk and started singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ Scared the crap out of me.”

We expect Ms. Price to make a full recovery. But for now, we’re requesting that all contrite authors kindly hold off with their apologies until Ms. Price is feeling stronger. As a side note, the beagle was last seen in the company of a rottweiler headed for Sam’s Bar. Anyone knowing her whereabouts are urged to call Behler Publications.

3 Responses to Press Release from Mission Viejo Mental Ward:

  1. Aston West says:

    If they need any assistance administering shock therapy, just give me a call… 😛

  2. lynnpricewrites says:

    Mr. Aston West,
    You are the fifteenth person to offer their services. Recommendations have ranged from waterboarding to playing the song “Feelings” nonstop. I think these people have an ax to grind. No surprise there…you should see what she did to my designer doggie bones.
    – The Beagle

  3. I’m happy you received an apology Ms. Price, even though it seems you could have done without:)

    This has been a perfect example of why people should not immediately respond to cruddy situations when angry… that’s what Beagles are for…

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