Why yes, we are spawns of Satan. You didn’t know?

From an author possessing an abundance of wit, charm, and walnuts. I mean, who tells this to an editor with the hope she’ll read his work?

“…that’s why Satan invented editors, of course, to chastise writers’ optimism about the products of their labor.”

Hey, count me in. I can’t wait to see how hard he’s going to make me laugh. I may even park my Red Pen From Hell in the other room. Besides, he’s right, yanno…

3 Responses to Why yes, we are spawns of Satan. You didn’t know?

  1. The only way he could have topped that would be if it were the opening to a query letter for a book about cluelessness.

  2. lynnpricewrites says:

    In his defense (since he’s not here to do it himself), we had been exchanging emails back and forth after we complimented him on his wonderful radio show that entertained us part of the way home from the Big Sur Writer’s conference. I nearly laughed up a lung when he wrote this little passage.

    But you’re right; would have made a great opener about a book based on the clueless…

  3. Aston West says:

    So, had you not already known him through the radio show already, would you have received the query the same way? (Lynn: good question. It would have depended on his tone and the rest of the content of his email. Given all systems go, sure, I would have received it with the same humor. Done that a number of times with authors whom I didn’t know.)

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