A Different Shade of Blue


No, no, I’m not talking about my latest hair color or the weather. It’s delightfully warm, and my hairdresser knows she’ll suffer permanent nerve damage should she turn my hair any color than ravishing blond.

I’m talking about our new book, A Different Shade of Blue by Adam Eisenberg. Now one would think I fell in love with this book because the (in)famous Janet Reid is Adam’s agent, and she knows what a sop I am when it comes to her queries. Maybe it’s because she always has some hilarious story that butters me up. Or the fact that she strokes my ego, even though we both know she’s full of Bandini. Whatever the reason, Janet brings me cool stuff, and Adam’s story is no exception.

I love stories about people overcoming immense odds, and there is no bigger group of heroes (heroines) than the first women cops. They broke all kinds of barriers in those early days and endured far more crap than most, all because they loved their jobs.

a-bit-o-irelandloresAdam…’scuse me…Commissioner Eisenberg is the perfect person to tell this story because as a man of the bench, he rubs elbows with these cops all day long. He has listened to their stories and seen a different side of them than just a badge. He gave these wonderful women…these ground breakers…a voice.

The stories are hysterical, poignant, sad, and flat out unbelievable. What impressed me the most was reading how women are better able to diffuse a situation without violence – which is a total “duhh” when I stop to think about it.

But more importantly, this isn’t just a cop book, but an extremely well-written book honoring women who overcame the odds and paved the way for future generations, no matter how bad it got. If that’s not a universal message, I don’t know what is. No matter how tough you have it, you’re not rubbing elbows with colleagues who carry weapons and testosterone overload.

I happened to be talking about Adam’s book at the Big Sur Conference last weekend, and Lynda Sandoval – who used to be a cop – piped up and said that she was never afraid to use her gender to work to her advantage. Sez she, “Hell, I’d wear a pinnafore and fucking pigtails to court if it would ensure putting some scumbag away.” Heh, I really must go buy some of her books.

Ann Rule wrote the forward to Adam’s book and regales us with some of her amazing stories of her time in uniform. Such good stuff!

So if you want to read about some of the bravest women who dared to rock the boat in Seattle, Washington, please do yourself a favor and buy a pre-release copy of A Different Shade of Blue, available only on our site until July, where it will be available everywhere. Heck, buy four or five. Besides, ladies, you have to admit that Adam is hot.

And the next time you get pulled over for speeding, make sure of the gender before you pull out the “ohmygodwasIreallygoingthatfastI’msooosorry” tears. She will not be swayed one bit. I, uh, speak from experience…

3 Responses to A Different Shade of Blue

  1. Tara Maya says:

    I saw this on Janet Reid’s site a while ago and bumped it to my book list. I didn’t realize who the publisher was. (I’m slowly learning to pay attention to things like that.)

  2. lynnpricewrites says:

    Tara, you won’t be disappointed with this lovely book. My editor, who is as tough as nails and has been known to make authors sweat blood made the comment that Adam and his writing are wonderful. Sigh…why can’t it always be this easy? Adam is a rare breed, and I’ve talked to a noted geneticist about cloning the man.

  3. Lauren says:

    Set one aside for me, Lynn. I’ll call you with my credit card number.

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