Ah double thit

I’ve been had by no less than five people today. WTF sez me. I forgot.

April Fool’s. I’m one of the most gullicalf [as opposed to gullible] souls in the world.

The hell with it; I’m taking the day off.

No emails, no answering the phone. I’ll hide under the covers and wait for this blasted day to end. Besides, I have two manuscripts that are so delicious that I’m gaining weight just reading them.

4 Responses to Ah double thit

  1. Jane Smith says:

    It was good, though, wasn’t it? You know, the way you thought I’d lost my mind AGAIN…!

    Have a nice day off, and come back rested.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Lynn – Jane is way too cocky today, don’t you think? Shall we gang up on her for a while? [Lynn: achingly cocky. Must be a Brit thing, yes?]

  3. Jennifer says:


    Nobody ever does anything *funny* any more, just annoying.

  4. Oddly, I came up as “anonymous” – my computer has just decided to remove all cookies so everything that was there automatically (like, er, my name) now isn’t. Anyways, it’s actually me, Nicola Morgan, just in case Jane thought she’d had an enemy in the world.[Lynn: Yes, Nicola, darling, I suspected it was you having a computer moment.]

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