A Different Shade of Blue – keep them blurbs a-comin’

Even though the sun is shining, the windows are open and I’d really rather be outside playing, I can’t tear myself away from my wonderful authors. There is no luckier publisher than I because my authors simply rock the world in talent and good humor – a must in this business. And good works beget good reviews, and I would expect nothing less for Adam Eisenberg’s A Different Shade of Blue:

“As a long-time female police officer who was ultimately one of two female pioneers ever hired, Eisenberg’s A Different Shade of Blue definitely struck a chord. I had to keep checking the cover to ensure this book wasn’t written by a female officer herself! His in-depth, gritty, and thorough look into the lives of female police officers, coupled with his own background in law enforcement, brings the reader along to shatter the glass ceiling. As a crime writer myself who is currently working on a memoir about my own life as a female police officer, I finished the last page of A Different Shade of Blue feeling somewhat defeated–Eisenberg essentially wrote my memoir for me. Quite simply, he nailed it! A fascinating read!”

~ Stacy Dittrich, former detective, author of Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill, (October 2009), and law enforcement media consultant as seen on CNN, Fox, and E! True Hollywood.
“The Devil’s Closet” October 2008
“Mary Jane’s Grave” May 2009
“Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill” October 2009
“Stumbling Along the Beat: A True Story of One Policewoman’s Journey” Spring 2010

This review has special meaning to me. Stacy is in informed source, well published in this genre, and knows more about the inside of a police station than most. This makes her review poignant.

But what makes this especially delicious is that Stacy was at one time an author who came to my blog to scream at the instanity known as the query process. She saw garbage flying out the doors while the really good stuff ended up with rejection letters. Her frustration was so eloquent that I included our exchange in The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box.  I’d like to think something I said gave her the ammunition to stick with it. Stacy did say something along those lines, but I’m more inclined to think she’s just really tough.

The long and short of it is that Stacy hung in there and caught the eye of an agent (Claire Gerus – who  happens to be a dear friend of mine), and got a multi-book deal. Her life has become a whirlwind since that time, and I honor her for taking time out of her busy life to offer Adam a wonderful review.

I just love those full-circle stories. Don’t you?

2 Responses to A Different Shade of Blue – keep them blurbs a-comin’

  1. Tara Maya says:

    That’s great to hear.

  2. Wow! I don’t know what to say…sniff…I’m so honored!!! On the flipside, Eisenberg’s book is phenomenal!!! :)) Love ya, Lynn!!

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