And…I’m outta here!

The Hubby and I are bugging out of town for a week to celebrate 30 years of the proverbial wedded bliss. He’s put up with me and tolerated my artistic side, which can, at times, be more than a bit annoying, so I bought him a crown and scepter.

I’m so excited I feel like dancing! And, no, this isn’t my beloved Sarah – she had zero rhythm.

6 Responses to And…I’m outta here!

  1. Gutsy Writer says:

    This bird is better than the group singing. I had to call my whole family over to watch. Have a wonderful 30th. Will you tell us where you went. For my 20th, I forced my husband to go to Fiji. Ever since I turned 21, I said I had to visit Fiji.

  2. Gutsy Writer says:

    P.S. I feel like Snowball tonight as I’m in the newspaper for the first time in my life. I was reading part of my memoir at the Dimestories event at Laguna Beach books and the journalist interviewed me. I’m so HAPPY I could dance all night like Snowball.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Happy anniversary, Lynn!!! Have a great time. Are you going somewhere romantic? Will you leave the hotel room? Will you blog about it afterward…hehe

    Enquiring minds wanna know.

  4. lynnpricewrites says:

    Oh shut the heck up, Gutsy. Why didn’t you call me about the reading? I would have come and whistled wildly from the peanut gallery.

    Thanks, Cheryl. We’ll leave the hotel room only to get fresh margaritas. The beagle isn’t invited, so we’ll have to fend for ourselves.

  5. Aston West says:

    Congratulations on reaching 30!

  6. Jean says:

    After 30 years, I would demand room service for the margaritas.

    Happy Anniversary!!

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