Sherman, get over yourself already

Warning: This is a rant.

Book Fair Buzz Is Not Contained Between 2 Covers
by MOTOKO RICH (NY Times) :

At a panel of authors speaking mainly to independent booksellers, Sherman Alexie, the National Book Award-winning author of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” said he refused to allow his novels to be made available in digital form. He called the expensive reading devices “elitist” and declared that when he saw a woman sitting on the plane with a Kindle on his flight to New York, “I wanted to hit her.”

I’m sorry, but this sort of thinking gives me hives. Why would he want to hit a woman whose only “crime” is reading a Kindle? “I don’t like e-readers, so no one else is allowed to use them.” What kind of intolerant crap is this? What is it about using a Kindle that marks this woman for physical abuse? Wait. Is it because she had the money to buy one? Her ability to purchase something expensive makes her elitist? Good grief, since when was it someone else’s beeswax to determine what we do with our hard-earned money? Who gives a flying rabbit turd what medium someone chooses to read a book? Furthermore, who died and put Sherm in charge?

I adore my Kindle. Why should I be feel apologetic for having the bucks to buy one? I travel a lot, and I can stash a slew of books and all my submissions on it. I can make the font bigger for my tired eyes. Crikey, it’s not like I ripped the money out of some poor soul’s mouth in order to feed my greedy whims. I earned it. If Sherman wants to rail against the electronic book format because he doesn’t want to see physical books die, then say so. But how dare he spout this “if I can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t have it.”Does Sherman speak for all America? If so, I missed the memo.

According to Sherman’s skewed way of thinking, this means that if I can afford to buy a Mercedes (I totally can’t) that I shouldn’t buy one because Sherman or some other green-eyed monster can’t afford one. It’s elitist. This is nothing more than jealousy propped up to make people feel guilty for being affluent. And it’s crap.

Since when is having money a crime? I see it as a badge of honor for someone’s hard work. If you have the money, go out and buy a Kindle. Or a Mercedes. Or a Yugo, if that floats your boat. But do not be suckered into allowing someone to foist their perception of right and wrong on you. It’s none of their damn business, and Sherm needs to get a freaking life.

As for the electronic format, publishing is evolving, and if the public desires are such that this medium is growing more popular, then publishers will meet that demand. Why the fear, screeching, and tearing hair out? Books will never die. Reading will never die. In the wise words of that rat bastid Dr. Raymond Cocteau from Demolition Man, “enhance your calm.”

And, Sherm? Take a chill pill, dude.

7 Responses to Sherman, get over yourself already

  1. Brian Clegg says:

    Go Lynn! You’re absolutely right. Even if he gives all his royalties away to charity and lives out of dumpsters, it’s ludicrous that he should accuse someone of elitism just because they happened to be using a Kindle. Bizarre.

  2. Kelley says:

    What an asshat.

    *kissing my Kindle*

  3. Liana Brooks says:

    I don’t have a Kindle. They are expensive, but I don’t want one. If I did want one, I could save up to buy one.

    So could anyone else.

    I know some people love their Kindles. Most the people I see with them don’t have infants and toddlers running loose in their house who view anything small and electronic as a boat meant for the bathtub. The only cellphone my kids haven’t killed is waterproof, shatterproof, and shockproof. It doesn’t have internet or cool ring tones, but it’s almost impossible to kill.

    If I lose a paperback to a child having a tantrum, I don’t feel so bad. It goes in the recycle bin and I buy a new one.

    If my kindle with all my books went for a swim I’d probably have a heart attack. It’s just not worth the health risk.

    But I don’t think someone who can safely carry a Kindle is elitist! Good grief! I can afford to have children, and they cost a lot more than a Kindle does! What kind of horrible elitist does that make me?

  4. Aston West says:

    That’s the new era we live in. People who have money should be shamed into giving it all away, and if they aren’t, then they should have it taken away. 😉

  5. lynnpricewrites says:

    they should have it taken away.
    Todd, darling, they are. It’s called taxes. Phuckers.

  6. Aston West says:

    Not to worry, they’ll make sure to take even more than they already are…give it time. 🙂

    Myself, if I had enough time to read all that many books, I’d be all over a Kindle as well.

  7. MagicMan says:

    I love books, they snuggle up on surfaces in every room with bookmarks in place. I’m an computer guy since 1972 and helped create the PC, the ATM, internet communications. I have PC’s all over the house (and gaming machines). Do I want a Kindle? No. That’s odd for a gizmo guy. But after leaving pocket books in airports across North America and many a cell phone/iPod gone missing, I know exactly what would happen to a Kindle if I did buy one.

    That doesn’t give me the right to be pass judgement on other people’s preferences.

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