Ageless and timeless my arse

It’s my birthday today. Fifty-freaking-three. The daughter spawn and I are blowing off the day to watch a chick flick and drink afternoon margaritas before Perfect Hubby gets home.

I’m getting cards about how timeless and marvelous we older bats really are. Yah, sure. I see my hairdresser’s eyes bug out when I say, “blond me, baby!” both of us realizing this is gonna require the nuclear goop and government clearance. But I must say that there are some things we old broads pick up along the way, and I want to share…


Well, crap…Now I forgot what it was…

13 Responses to Ageless and timeless my arse

  1. Nicola Morgan says:

    Happy birthday, to you and your ageless and timeless posterior! Of course, it will be a long time until I’m 53, but I look to you for maturity, wisdom and guidance from your greater years. Nxx

  2. Happy Birthday from me. Have fun. 53? Why, you’re a child in arms…

  3. Deborah Rey says:

    Heppy Birthday, Little Girl.

    Beautiful message about getting older?

    You can’t do a damn thing against it.

    How’s that for a bit of wisdom?

    Deborah Rey

    PS Please, tell Beagle that my novel is at:

  4. Aston West says:

    Happy Birthday! In a few more years, you can just tell people you’re having the 2nd anniversary of your 29th birthday. 😀

  5. Chip Jacobs says:

    Like a fine wine — sorry margarita blender — you’re just getting more sophisticated and dare I say more colorful and viney as time slips by; notice I avoided the word “fruity,” as I bow to the PC altar. Lynn, whatever you’re chronological age, and who really gives a dang about that when you believe in multiple lives like me (see, you’re already younger into your new being than those born after you in this sphere) you have the energy and fire of a twenty-something and that’s why you attract the legion of folk you do. Enjoy your day off and if you do check your email know you’ve done what Gordon did, and in spades. You matter! Your friend from Pasadonuts, Chip

  6. Craven says:

    Congrats! Aren’t those pesky AARP people and their non-stop mailers a royal pain in the petoot?

  7. Jane Smith says:

    Ah, darling, happiest of belated birthdays to you. And next year, let us gang together and point and laugh at Zigmond who is MUCH older than we are!

    I shall send you a virtual margarita slush-puppy, and think of you fondly for a while.

    There. Done that. Now I need a drink of my own!

  8. lynnpricewrites says:

    Thank you, thank you, all for your kind wishies. The lunch and chic flick was fun. Jane, you’re on about next year! A trip across the pond is exactly what I need. And nothing would make me happier than to laugh Zigmond – and glory be, someone older than I.

    Ok, off to Happy Hour with The Grand Hubby. We’d take the beagle, but she’s already had her limit and snoozing it off on her designer bed.

  9. Jean says:

    A belated but very Happy Birthday wish.
    May the margaritas be many and may the ice never melt!

  10. Sharmyn says:

    Hell Girl, I heard your talk at our writer’s group on Saturday and you are not getting older, but you are sure growing wiser-and looking Hot too!!!

    Happy Birthday Lynn and thank you for the valuable information in your book—LOVE IT….Need it!!


  11. Allen Parker says:

    Happy belated birthday. Take the day off on me. I’ll take over for you for the day. Don’t forget to leave the check book so I can pay all those bills and mail out a few advances. I know you are just dying for me to purchase that special historical-romantic-mystery-nudist-thriller that this handsome young, fifty-year-old guy has written.

    So, enjoy your extra birthday day off. I’ve got it from here. Before you go, where do I find the tequila. You know all good things start out with, “and then we started drinking tequila.”

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