Blood will be spilled


So I’m giddy beyond all reason to be speaking at the Southern California Writer’s Conference next week – Sept. 24 – 27. If you don’t have tickets, stop what you’re doing and get your rezzie in. This is a very fun conference because of the talents of Michael Steven Gregory [known in these here parts as msg] and Wes Albers.

Part of our duties are to read the advanced submissions. This is a fabulous tool for authors because they can get crits from people in the industry. And it gets them used to speaking about their stories in front of an editor or agent. Good stuff. So msg sent me eight advanced submissions. Ok, it’s a large conference, so this is to be expected.

But I just got an email from msg saying that I’ve inherited five more.




Now that means I’m reading, counting…counting…carry the one…THIRTEEN. I have exactly one week to do this.

MSG, darling, I love ya like none other, and I will do my very best for these wonderful authors. But you must know that I’ve ordered the beagle to assemble her hit squad of leather-hooded German Shepherds to scope out the streets of San Diego. If you hear lots of barking and snarling in German accents, be afraid.

Very afraid.

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