Behler Publications – home of the drummers

So I got this email from a company who hosts drumming circles. It’s supposed to enhance our calm. Yes, I’m talking about sitting all kumbaya-like and doing some interactive drumming so we’ll go on to lead healthy, stable lives. I’m told that:

In Africa and in many other cultures around the world, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers together at the center of the village to make music.

Now this just has me in a fit of giggles. I can see our sales teams, distributor, our publicist, and CEO with our posteriors planted on a hemp rug making music. Problem is, I think everyone would be singing a different song. Who needs drums when you have…

“Will it make moneeeeyyyy, tra-la-la?” [Banga-bang-bang]

“Sign the damn contraaaact, doobie-dobbie-do!” [Bangity-bang-bang]

“Gimmie their plaaaatform, whackado whackado!” [Banga-boom-bang]

“What’s the projected releeeease daaate, humba chumba!” [Banga-hunka-thunka-bang]

“Rowwwwwwl!” [contributions from the beagle] Bang-bang (the beagle has no sense of rhythm)

Crikey, that’s not music. It’s jazz* And knowing my luck, we’d have the cops called on us. I thought this bit was a particularly interesting selling point:

The experience of drumming in a group is unique, and it leaves an impression. People are sure to go home talking about how their corporate group was transformed into an instant orchestra!

Heh, yes indeedy. “Hey, Norma, Overworked and Underpaid Editor has finally gone ’round the bend. Instead of waving her evil red pen about the office and screeching about the final hard read before print runs, she’s chanting. ‘Hooba dooba, get that manuscript read-a!’ I tell ya, Norma, it’s downright scary.”

Indeed. Look, I’m as touchy feely as an avacodo sandwich, and I like my karmageddon lifestyle. It has a sense of symmetry and poetic debauchery. So I suppose I’ll simply delete this email that I suspect the beagle forwarded to me on her private account. But hey, if any of you get frustrated with your POV or character development, take it from us, check the best electronic drums review for 2017 | DrumsDude and go bang a drum!

*apologies to jazz lovers.

2 Responses to Behler Publications – home of the drummers

  1. Voidwalker says:

    “that’s not music. It’s jazz” LOL I’m laughing hard at that one!

  2. NinjaFingers says:

    Hey! Some of us like our drum circles!

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