“Want me to wait?”

I get that question a lot around this time of year. Authors suspect that we shut down for the holidays – and we do, for the most part. I took advantage of the time to reacquaint myself with my family. To my pleasure, no one had gotten married or graduated college while my back was turned.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t keep my eye on my inbox. I had a couple things come through during the holidays that I did upload to my Kindle and read with baited breath. I corresponded with a couple agents who were as insane as I and were working here and there. Rather than receiving the obligatory auto response that says, “Yah, I’ll get back to you after NY’s,” I got real, live responses.

So should you wait to query until after the holidays? Naw. Go for it. You’re ready to send it out, right? Why let the calendar preclude you from remaining poised over the Send button? Regardless of when it was sent, it’s going to get read. And those of us who can’t quite manage to leave it all behind, you may very well get a response while glugging your egg nog.

I believe I hear the literary engines of 2010 roaring at the starting line right now. Let the fun begin.

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