I didn’t pay her. Honest

I had a nice surprise awaiting my Google search thingie – a lovely review of Tackle Box by Lyndsey Rose Davis. I appreciate these reviews far more than the trade reviews because they come directly from those I hope to aid in their future success. Thank you so much, Lyndsey.




3 Responses to I didn’t pay her. Honest

  1. Scott says:

    Lynn – small apology here, big apology on my blog later . . . for getting your last name wrong! I know your last name is Price! I plead lack of margaritas at time of blog post for screwing up your last name! So, please accept my apologies for screwing up your last name on my blog! I’m quite embarassed by my mistake. Have a good weekend.


  2. It’s ok, Scott, I’ll tell the beagle to call off the hit squad. It happens quite a lot, oddly enough. You may resume breathing.

  3. Scott says:

    Thanks! I really am sorry, and have devoted tomorrow’s post to a more formal apology. Have a good weekend . . . and stay dry!

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