Not my idea of a barkingly good time

The beagle read this article and insisted we MUST go. I have my doubts. I mean, does this require my ingesting designer dog chewies and howling at the full moon? Do I have indoor plumbing, or will I require a walk?

I could be in trouble ‘cos I think the beagle just made reservations…

From Kelsey Ramos of the LA Times:

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho
( Dog Bark Park Inn )
Man’s best friend just got a whole lot bigger. Visitors to Dog Bark Park can see Sweet Willy, one of the world’s biggest beagles, and sleep inside him too: The giant pooch is also a cozy bed-and-breakfast.Perhaps more amazing is the fact that Dennis Sullivan, who runs the B&B with his wife, Frances Conklin, designed and created the pooch himself.

— Kelsey Ramos, Los Angeles Times
**Thanks, Ivan

5 Responses to Not my idea of a barkingly good time

  1. Frank says:

    Too, too funny! If my beagle, Mabel (the doggie on the cover of SPINE) she would have been right in tune with your pooch. What’s that thing made of? Almost looks like some kind of giant woodcarving.

  2. Aston West says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that the stairs lead right up the bigger dog’s butt?

    *raises eyebrow*

  3. Frank & Aston –
    Setting some facts straight about me – the big beagle in Idaho.
    My skin & fur is painted concrete stucco.
    My bones are lumber 2×4’s just like a regular house.
    My ears are carpeting.
    The stairs do lead up my hindquarters and then turn along my side where there is a deck and entry door into my innards. It would be a bit bizzare for the door to be where it was suggested.
    I will say however, the bathroom is located in my hindquarters; that does seem appropriate doesn’t it.
    Hope you’ll come visit.
    Sweet Willy,that’s my pet name.
    My business name is DogBarkParkInn

    PS. Howling at the moon is encouraged in Idaho for both hounds and humans. Come on out!

  4. Frances, thank you so much for visiting. Personally, I would love to take a look at Sweet Willy. Silly question, but do you allow dogs?
    -The Behler Beagle

  5. Aston West says:

    Ah, so just a strategic angle used by the photog… 😉

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