Ah Springtime…

For Spring, we planted us a nice row of beagles. Only one bloomed…

…and no disparaging remarks about the weeds. We designed it that way. Yeah…that’s the ticket…we planned it…

4 Responses to Ah Springtime…

  1. MelissaA says:

    Blooming Beagles are the BEST!! That’s definitely my kind of garden. (Well, okay, I’d plant curly coated retrievers and Newfies, but still….)

  2. That’s a fine-looking Beagle plant! I’m tempted to get one of my own.

  3. suemont says:

    Now I know a bit about gardening. She needs regular watering and a good dose of fertilizer (the smellier the better), then a bee will buzz up and pollinate her. Then lo and behold, in time for Christmas, a whole bedful.

  4. A bedful of beagles! Wow, not sure I’m prepared for that. I mean, do I have enough tequila?

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