Tackle Box goes across the Pond – Invasion of the Yanks!

So yesterday – Saturday – was my UK debut for Tackle Box, gratis of the lovely Em Barnes of Snowbooks. I should have had a wee party to mark the event because, hey, how many lucky ducks can say their books are on two continents? Ok, a lot…but it gooses my bumples that something belched forth from my fingers and is now being offered on foreign shores.

I’m particularly proud of this book because it encompasses everything I originally set out to convey to new authors so they’d be empowered to make educated publishing decisions.  A couple weeks ago at a seminar, a woman told me, “You could have split this up into a couple books, and I would have happily bought ’em both!”

It’s a lovely thought, but idea was to make it a  one-stop shopping resource for authors.

And I have to laugh to think this whole UK venture would have never happened had that silly Jane Smith woman not taken matters into her own hands and shoved my book into Em’s hands, who then decided she’d like to take a chance on a Yank who’s snark is worse than her bite. I am forever in their debt.

So my dear British cousins, if you’re in need of some brilliant information regarding the American publishing system, and some solid general publishing advice, run – do not walk – to your nearest bookstore and demand five copies…because come on, we all know fellow writers who also need to become brilliant, right?

And if anyone happens to bump into the crabbit old bat Nicola Morgan, give her a swift kick in the shins and tell her to get cracking on her new book, as she is one of my comrades in arms at Snowbooks with her Write to Be Published. I’d go kick her myself, but we have this whole across the pond issue…

For now, I’m going to go open a bottle of bubbly and drunk dial my mother.

8 Responses to Tackle Box goes across the Pond – Invasion of the Yanks!

  1. Hurray! Congratulations!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow! That is great news. Congratulations, Lynn!

  3. cat says:

    Well done.
    PS Don’t worry about the COB – I have my claws into her.

  4. Hooray for you and hooray for the three witches – erm, I mean you, Jane and me…

    By the way, aren’t you meant to be coming on my blog for an interviewette? Sorry – have moved house twice and launched a novel and have been generally rubbish. Let’s get onto it, eh?

  5. Yes, Nicola, dear, I have that interviewette half-written. I’m bad; I know this.

  6. CarolRose says:

    Well done, Lynn!

  7. John Quirk says:

    Congratulations Lynn, UK cover looks good – dare I say it, even better than the US one 🙂 Looking forward to having a read.

  8. Bless ye, John. Yes, Em knows how to visually appeal to the British tastes, doesn’t she!

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