A warm and hearty welcome to Kim Michele Richardson

When Kim Richardson’s lovely agent contacted me about her story, The Unbreakable Child, I was prepared to reject it. I really wanted to because it went against everything I don’t do – child abuse and previously published books.

Stories of child abuse tears my blackened, shriveled heart clean out of its housing. I can’t imagine the sick and twisted depravity required to brutalize an innocent child, let alone a whole orphanage. Sorry, but I believe child abusers should be put to death – the more painfully done, the better. There is no middle ground for me, and I remain unapologetic for my views. I don’t care what kind of childhood they had, nor do I care that they’re “misunderstood.” They’ve ripped the innocence from a child in the most heinous and atrocious manner. It’s the reason I don’t do abuse books. I have absolutely no objectivity.

“Yah,” sez l’ agent extraordinaire, “I know all that. Shaddap and read it.” As one who usually does as she’s told when uttered from agents she respects, I dropped what I was doing and read it.

Holy. Good. Jumpin’. Frogtails.

My heart exploded and rested on my sleeve for the duration. Kim was one of many orphans who were subjected to unspeakable abuse at the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth at the St. Thomas/St. Vincent Orphanage in rural Kentucky. Her story goes back and forth between her time in the orphanage and the resulting class action lawsuit nearly forty years later. Kim’s journey is nothing short of incredible, amazing, unbelievable, and heroic.

Heroic, you ask? Oh yeah. While many buckled under the weight of what befell them by those twisted carrion who hid behind their rosaries, Kim stood resolute and knew that her soul would never be broken. She stood strong and managed to accomplish the improbable:  She survived and thrived. And forgave.

What impressed me about Kim’s book is that it isn’t an angry book. It’s a book about forgiving the unforgivable. It’s about redemption.

As much as I didn’t want to read this book, there was something about it that kept calling to me. Every lunch break I took, I found myself curiously eager to whip out my Kindle and read more pages. My lunch breaks got longer and longer, which irritated the beagle because it forced her to cover the phones. I can’t explain the power this book had over me.

I finished and knew I had to have it. This book is HUGE and vitally important – especially in light of the fact that the lawyer who successfully prosecuted the orphanage is the very one who is suing the Vatican. Survivors need to know that this horrendous blemish on the Catholic Church isn’t going to go away – no matter how long the Pope dodges issuing a proper apology to those who suffered for so long.

So I did a very uncharacteristic thing. I changed my mind. I called and insisted that the agent was right – this belongs with us.

So, a warm and hearty welcome, Kim. You’re a brave, beautiful, brilliant woman who has one hell of a story. I’m only too honored to be a part of it, and I bow before your amazing life. I know, sounds schlocky, but it’s true. What you’ve been through is the stuff nightmares are made of, yet you punched out on the other side. This is a big inspiration to those who feel they’re still drowning.

I’m honored to be your  forever home for your amazing book – which is due out in October.

21 Responses to A warm and hearty welcome to Kim Michele Richardson

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    I would love to have an agent or editor have that kind of reaction to something I wrote.

  2. Yay for Kimmi! And for you, too, of course. I hope TUC rises to the top.

  3. Linda Hoye says:

    I read Kim’s book shortly after it came out and was blown away by the strength of her character in horrific circumstance. I subsequently reviewed her book for Story Circle Book Reviews http://storycirclebookreviews.org/reviews/unbreakable.shtml
    Congratulations Kim, and congratulations Behler Publications.

  4. kim says:

    Thank you kindly, Lynn, for the warm and beautiful welcome. I’m humbled and grateful for the ‘forever home’.

  5. Chris says:

    Congrats Kim! Welcome aboard!

  6. ab says:

    I am so glad her book has a forever home with you! As sad as the facts were and as hard as it was to read & believe these things happened, it was a story that needed to be told. People need to know the facts so something can be done! Her strength is amazing!!! Congrats to both you & Kimmi!!

  7. Bea Sempere says:

    Congrats, Kimmi. I’m proud lightning struck again, and that it hit the book. 😉 You deserve the gift of finding your book’s “forever home.” Your words soar, and a few years back, landed on my heart. Not only are you unbreakable, but your friendship has no end.

    Good luck to you, my friend! Breathe deep, release and smile at all your “forever fans.”

    P.S. White is a popular color this summer. 😉

  8. Thomma Lyn says:

    WHEE! How fabulous — a talented, incredibly strong woman and author finds her book a home with an excellent publisher. A happy ending, for sure. I’m delighted for both Kim and for Behler Publications! 😀

  9. Yes! What wonderful news. I have an autographed copy of Kim’s book – which I reviewed as well – and I’m so happy to hear that it’s found a home.

  10. Chip Jacobs says:

    Fascinating story. If redemption is the theme, count me in.

  11. Julia Smith says:

    *applause* to you, Lynn for giving this book another chance, and cheers to Kim for being the woman who speaks for voiceless children everywhere.

  12. This second edition is much better and offers some new information that was missing in the first printing. We are hideously excited and honored.

  13. Paula Blois says:

    Congratulations to the most deserving woman I have had the pleasure to know. Kimmi, you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Thank you for sharing the most difficult time of your life with us. You’re courage, strength and determination are awe inspiring. I was blown away with your ability to write with such tenderness and love. May the world learn from you. May we one day be able to say, Never again.

  14. Vcanfield says:

    Lynn, I agree with you to the nth degree on child abuse. I totally understand your stance on horrific tales of child abuse because mine is- I know it’s there, please don’t give me details or I will carry it with me forever and here, take my money and do something about it. I’m the same way when it comes to animals. So, I applaud you for having the guts to get past that soul-ripping issue and give a well deserved author a chance. Bravo!

  15. kat magendie says:

    Kimmi – it was only a matter of time! So happy for you and for your book to find a home *smiling* ….this is wonderful news! Congrats!

  16. Great blog, Lynn. This book sounds wonderful, and I love how you followed your gut and let yourself get swept away.

  17. This is super news! I read The Unbreakable Child early on, as well. It’s an incredible story, with an incredible author, and I think Behler will be pleased in this partnership. Congatulations to you both!

    And Lynn, I’m so enjoying your beagle. I mean blog. Okay, both. Thanks for the awesome content!

  18. Geoff N says:

    ‘Sorry, but I believe child abusers should be put to death – the more painfully done, the better. There is no middle ground for me, and I remain unapologetic for my views. I don’t care what kind of childhood they had, nor do I care that they’re “misunderstood.” They’ve ripped the innocence from a child in the most heinous and atrocious manner.’

    Aahh, Lynn…never feel the need to apologize for this. I look forward to buying the book – and so much more for the fact you’re involved. I understand how you feel. This subject matter is hard to take on, but it can help so many people. There are just so many stories of abuse that it can seem overwhelming. But each one deserves to – and should be – told. I’m proud of you. And Kim Richardson!

  19. Angie says:

    Hoooo-ah! A great partnership for you both. Lynn, the book is as awesome as its author, so I’m glad you’re the appointed advocate. Since your feelings are so strong about abusers, it’s nice you get a chance to spit in a few of their eyes via publishing Kimmi’s magnificent story.

    Okay…off to put some linky love up at my blog. I’ll be back here soon. Love your voice, spirit and taste. The pups not bad either. 😀

    Geaux Kimmi! Love ya.

  20. vodkamom says:

    She IS incredibly deserving – and very, very classy.


  21. […] then editor, then a reading public. If/when that happens, I think it would be hard to top this welcome-to-your-publishing home letter, penned to Kim Richardson by her new editor, Ms. Price. I defy you to read it and then not […]

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