Happy Father’s Day!

To all those wonderful dads out there – I’m sending y’all great big hugs. But first, I’m gonna bug out of town to hug my own dad because he rocks it.

8 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Aw, it’s a lovely picture. Happy Birthday!

  2. I’m such a dork. How ’bout Happy Father’s Day?

  3. Heh, when I saw your first comment, I thought, how’d she know?? Next Wednesday I plan on having the beagle take me out for a gourmet lunch and a fresh pitcher of margaritas.

  4. NinjaFingers says:

    Happy birthday!

    I’d wish my dad a happy Father’s Day but he refuses to use the internet. So…

  5. Antonio Termine says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the message, but Father’s Day in Aussie land is in September – how about that? No worries, I’ll still have a happy day.

    By the way, I like your blogging. It gives an old wannabe author something to think about.

    Kind regards,

    Tony T

  6. cat says:

    I’ll put my paws up and say that every day is Father’s Day in our family…my Dad being a pretty amazing sort of 87yr old who still understands 7yr olds (and cats).

  7. Gatsbygal says:

    Hey Lynn

    What a happy picture! Tell your dad he’s now officially an internet superstar (those sexy dark eyes and cheekbones).

    As for you madam, well, we can see where you got your good looks.

    Nice to see you.

  8. Gatsby! Hey, miss you tons. Yah, Dad is adorable and I’ve decided to keep him.

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