Charting the Unknown – we’re just hemorrhaging fabo books

Great title for a book, eh? Think about the times you’ve charted your own unknown. Was it filled with fear, exhilaration, or a mantra of “holy artichoke hearts, Batman, what the hell was I thinking?” [my personal morning call to insanity].

The point about this thing we call the Human Experience is that no one gets out alive, and everyone can’t help but have their souls touched and altered in some manner. That’s what I love about Kim Petersen’s book. She and her husband, Mike, did something radical – something that most of us only think about: They chucked it all to live on a boat. A very nice boat, mind y0u, but a boat nonetheless.


I know, you’re all thinking the same thing I did – good grief, what sort of madness must ramble about their collective cerebral cortex to consider living within finite confines with, not one, but two walking hormones. On the other hand, what a marvelous opportunity to avoid the usual teenage angst of curfews, “I hate you!”, crap high schools who would rather show Bowling for Columbine rather than teach English, and having to tell your daughter her taste in boyfriends is sub par. It’s a brave move to turn back the clock of progress and focus on the most important assets in one’s life – kids, marriage, personal growth – all seen through a vastly different prism of travel, mutual respect, and depending on each other for survival.

You can’t help but come out a changed, better person. And that’s what I found by reading Kim’s fabulous book. Her story was an inspirational invitation to consider the aspects of my life and smooth out some of those jagged edges.

Any writer looking for an example of “voice” need go no further than Charting because Kim has mastered the art of engaging her readers with her witty, breezy style that makes it sound like she’s sitting across the table from you. She made me laugh clear down to the depths of my blackened soul, and stabbed a finger into the center of my charcoal-laden heart. Is it any wonder that The Balancing Act Morning Show on the Lifetime Channel is filming her? Be sure to tune in on July 16 to watch Kim in action.

But Kim doesn’t stop there. She has one of the coolest websites I’ve seen in a long time. It’s jam-packed with all kinds of great information for those seeking to make a serious life change. And get this – she’s even looking into doing a writing seminar aboard Chrysalis – in the Bahamas! Oh yes, baby, count me in. If this sounds like a cool thing, fill out the info page and keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.

Oh…and buy this incredible book. Your life will never be the same. You don’t even need Dramamine. Pinky swear.

3 Responses to Charting the Unknown – we’re just hemorrhaging fabo books

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    …so wish I could afford to do THAT trip.

  2. You and me both, Ninjie.

  3. GutsyWriter says:

    I am so happy for Kim and wish her and Behler Publications, lots of success with book sales. The theme sounds familiar to me. Yes, I know, it’s about time I stop revising. I need a kick you know where. I look forward to seeing Kim on TV. I hope I can check her online too if they have the show there. Also the idea of classes on board the Chrysalis, is a wonderful idea. Perhaps I can help her as the Gutsy Bartender.

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