Ahhhh…notsobright and notsobrighter

Ok, it’s my birthday, so I’m willing to laugh.

Sort of.

I’ve received two queries today stating that the authors are in need of an agent.



Do these people even LOOK at our website? Gah…

I had two authors whose works I rejected many moons ago send me a spammy thing telling me about their upcoming book events and, gee, they hope I can make it to coo and burble over their accomplishments. I’m happy for them, but I really don’t like distribution lists. Really, truly. My email comes to a place of business, and this sort of cheap trick floods up my already bulging inbox. Besides, it’s not like I established a bestest buddy buddy kinship with either of them.

A word to those whose elevators reach the top floor – never put an editor or agent into your contacts list unless they signed you. Otherwise, forget us. Really. Truly.

On the upside, I lurve my printer. I mean, we’ve been doing this publishy thing for a number of years now, and whoever heard of cranking out 10k units in a week? A WEEK.

Did I mention I lurve my printer?

8 Responses to Ahhhh…notsobright and notsobrighter

  1. Chris says:

    So i am not a very bright guy literarily…get it! No Lynn I wont quit my day job. But don’t those numbers pretty much make the book a success already? Or would it be a huge success? Just a tad curious? Looking forward to your enlightened answer!

  2. 5k units is very good for a wee publisher, but it also depends on the book. This book is going to sell far more like 40k units because he has two crack publicists, and an amazing agent who knows a slew of big names, and a great platform.

  3. Webb says:

    So at 40K units will you be buying the beagle a new collar?

  4. GutsyWriter says:

    What a nice birthday gift for you. Happy Birthday, yesterday and perhaps the printer needs a bottle of Dom Perignon.

  5. Hah mebbe I can afford to fire the beagle!

  6. tbrosz says:

    So, who’s your printer? If you don’t mind sharing, of course…

  7. Tom, we use Malloy. We get very good pricing because we send a ton of work their way. Because of that, they are very happy to pull out all the stops for us. Happy sigh.

  8. NinjaFingers says:

    *hugs Lynn*.

    *I* know you aren’t an agent.

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