Birthday wishies and literary dishies

So what makes a black-hearted, soulless editor happy on her birthday? Oh sure, the usual things apply – query letters that have a clear plot, authors who actually read the submission guidelines [which for some reason has been in very short supply the entire month of June], cover designs that come together easily, fabulous projects.

But there are other things, too.

Selling 5,000 units of Jan’s Story in three days is certainly a good way to drunk-punch an editor clean into Giddy Land.

Another good way to put the jam in my jelly doughnut is to see a nice huzzah in Daily Business Review for a really damn good book – The Writer’s Guide to the Courtroom – Let’s Quill All the Lawyers. Go, Donna!

And with that, I must go. The beagle has made reservations at the local pub/health spa/taco-ria. She even got the Rottweiler down the way to cover the phones. I’m wondering whether to be worried…

8 Responses to Birthday wishies and literary dishies

  1. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday, Lynn! And major congratulations on the happy, happy numbers news for Jan’s Story!

  2. suemont says:

    Happy birthday, Lynn! Hope the whole day is full of great news like Jan’s Story. It’s funny – I know two other people who have birthdays today and they both have a taste for margaritas and twinkies (but you’re the only one with a beagle. Awwww, such a cutie).

  3. Webb says:

    When you said 5,000 units I thought you meant margueritas, but then I thought that would just take care of the beagle and probably wasn’t enough…

    5,000 books in 24 hours, very cool

  4. Sally Zigmond says:

    Happy Birthday! And many more of ’em. Have fun and don’t try and drink the beagle under the table.

  5. kim says:

    Lovely Birthday to you, Lynn! Do the day!

  6. Chris says:

    Happy Birf date! And Dannng 5,000 books sounds like a lot! Congrats!

  7. Can we look forward to photos?

  8. Aw, thanks, everyone. Pics? Not a fecking chance. But so far the beagle is in the tank and the bar is threatening legal action. Hmm, may have worn out our welcome at this particular establishment.

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