We’ve finally entered the 21st Century and gotten our newer titles up in Kindle.  Yay. Now, if we could just get Amazon to put up the links on the physical books that would direct them to the Kindle versions, my life would be nearly complete. But nay, it’s my lot in life to continually contact them and ask where the damn grid is on our books.

“Oh, they are there,” they insist.

“Uh, no they aren’t. Take your eyes out of your bottom and look at the page. Lookie here, I’ll even include the link.”

“Oh, so you’re right. Gee, we don’t know why the links aren’t there. We’ll look into it.”

Look into it? What’s there to “look into”? Some toolbag hasn’t put the links up and needs to do it. It doesn’t take a committee of twelve to sit around a pot of tea and ponder the grander notions of the meaning of life.

So while I sit and toast in my own frustration, you lovely readers may go over to the Kindle store and get a copy of some very wonderful Behler books. Heck, get several.

If Amazon scares you, feel free to email me [lynn_at_behlerpublications_dot_com], and I can zap it over to your Kindle account.

Beagle, hand me a Twinkie and a margarita.

8 Responses to Kindle-icious

  1. Ann says:

    It’s Friday, what better day for the twinkie and Margarita, I say. Have a great weekend.

  2. AstonWest says:

    It’s really easy to point them in the right direction if one has an author account (Author Central) with Amazon. I’m still not sure why the Kindle and paperback were never linked on my first book, but a quick e-mail and it was resolved in a matter of hours.

  3. Good on ya, Todd. So far, I’m on email/nagmail #3. They got all giddy-like when they managed to finally link up one title, but just this a.m. I had to remind them not to get their dancing shoes – they had three more titles to fix.

    I liked things a lot more when customer service was based in the US of A. Moving operations to India has produced much head-bangy for me. They may speak English, but much is lost in translation, and it now requires countless emails for them to perform one single task. At this rate, they’ll link my other three titles around Christmas – by which time I’ll probably have stroked out.

  4. Kelley says:

    Omg. Thank you. Going now…

  5. AstonWest says:

    I know I could never get a response when I was using the generic contact e-mail links, in getting the Kindle and paperback linked. For whatever reason, after I set up my author account and sent it through that avenue, it was fixed immediately. Weird, but true. :-\

  6. Webb says:

    There’s a reason why it;s called the internet. Once you get tangled in teh “net” part, you can;t get out becuse there’s no outer part. Good luck with the IT people who can’t type a simple link.

  7. Todd: Oh, I have no problem with them getting back to me. They’re oh-so polite and tell me there is no problem, and the linkies will show up within 3-5 days. That’s about when I stroke out because it’s already been two weeks.

    That said, I think I’ve made a wee bit of progress; three of my four recent uploads now show the links. I’ll probably have to have the beagle put out a contract on someone’s head to get the link put up on the last title. These guys are like salt-water taffy in 30 degree weather – immovable.

  8. NinjaFingers says:

    I think it’s large companies. The bigger the company, the slooower they are to do *anything*.

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