Huh? Wazzat? I’m on vacation?

So I read this morning’s Shelf Awareness with my usual fervor while mainlining my morning cuppa and discovered that  I’m on vacation.

Um, well…heh…actually I am out of the office sunning and funning down in Palm Springs – but I’ll be back to the office bright-eyed, hopefully tanned, and relaxed, on Friday. However, the article claims that we  in the “quaint world of publishing” vacation from April to Labor Day.

Huh? Fudgesticks, I missed the memo and have been working rather hard. Since April, we signed two fabulous authors and released two books. I expect to be ready to release another fabulous book and sign a couple more authors before Labor Day comes around.

I have no idea why poor Mr. Frum and his literary friend aren’t getting responses from their publishers, but it’s laughable to suggest that we’re all on vacation.

Now…pass me the sunblock and that margarita, willya?

4 Responses to Huh? Wazzat? I’m on vacation?

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    The only people that applies to are the editors of university-based literary journals who commonly close for the summer…because their first readers are students and half of them went home.

    What a silly idea.

  2. Webb says:

    Shoot and I only get a couple of weeks. Time for a career change.

  3. I agree. I’m switching to a new publisher!

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