Book trailers

I’m not really a fan of book trailers because I don’t think they sell enough books to warrant the high price tag of producing them. It’s simply one of those really cool things to do that authors can say, “Dahling, have you seen my book trailer?” To which I must bite my tongue so I don’t blurt out, “No, have you seen my bunions?”

Lots of the trailers are so silly and cliche that they’re painful to watch. So I was thrilled to stumble across Bonnie Tyler’s video. She says exactly what I’m a-thinkin’…

I’d put the video up here, but damn WordPress is having one of its usual hissy fits and won’t let me embed the code. Go here to watch…you won’t be sorry you did.

*Thanks, Rixey!

2 Responses to Book trailers

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    I kind of agree. Book trailers seem somewhat silly to me.

  2. tbrosz says:

    The tools available now make trailer production less expensive and difficult than you might think. So it boils down to quality, and that’s been pretty variable in the ones I’ve seen.

    The Moby Awards:

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