Required Reading – Ben LeRoy’s post on HuffPo

Ben LeRoy of Tyrus Books (take note that his index page is titled “Sketchy new Home Page”…too funny!) is, simply said, one hell of a nice guy. Anytime I have a question, I bug Ben. I’m sure he wishes a whale would land itself on my desk and eat me for for a nice repast. But until he officially flips me off, I’ll continue to pepper him with, “hey, whazzis about … (fill in the blanks)?”

Ben’s been playing this publishing game a heckuva lot longer than we have, and no one has worked harder than he. His knowledge base and reputation verify his mark in this industry. He wrote a mahvelous post on the Huffington Post that is simply wonderful because he captures the essence of what it’s like to be a small press. As I told him, it’s like he climbed inside my brain and scraped it with a melon baller – so succinctly did he read my mind (ooo, having a Yoda moment).

Please. Go read. It’ll help you understand why we small fries exist, how we think, and how we enjoy the luxury of being small.

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