Aggghhh…I’ve joined the twits

I blame Nicola Morgan for this sudden departure from managing my time with an iron fist. Now I’m doomed to be worthless as I will undoubtedly get sucked into the great Twitter vortex. Someone toss me a rope. FAST! Otherwise, you can find me over at @behlerpublish.

Morgan, you’re toast.

12 Responses to Aggghhh…I’ve joined the twits

  1. kimkircher says:

    I’ve still managed to hold off, but I feel my will power weakening. I might be tweeting soon too. Let us know how it goes.


  2. Emma Newman says:

    Ironically, the post I wrote today is all about why I haven’t been on Twitter much lately, but I do love it.

    It can be a helluva thing to get used to though, so I thought this little guide I wrote might help if you get befuddled.

  3. Kim, it’s something I swore I’d never do. Evah. It’s nearing noon and I’ve sent one fax and two emails. I’ve been gone for a week taking my daughter back to school up in San Francisco and have a ton of work piled up. Yet here I am. Tweeting. God, how do people LIVE LIKE THIS???

    Emma, I’ll be looking at your guide! Thanks for the linkie.

  4. Scott says:

    I have a Twitter account, I ‘follow’ people, and yet I rarely ‘Twit’ or ‘Tweet’ or whatever. I did like Nicola’s post for all the info. I was a bit embarassed to buy “Twitter for Dummies”, but I might have to break down one day.

  5. Marisa Birns says:

    I came to Twitter last year kicking and screaming. It’s not bad at all. Met many lovely people. There IS plenty of time to work, and write, and visit. There’s usually someone sharing coffee or wine or margaritas!

    I think most people new to Twitter think they have to post lots of updates and say many clever things. Not so! I mean, look at me. ;D

    Nicola Morgan is our leader.

  6. Scott, as the saying goes, “Show no fear.”

    Thanks for the tips, Marisa. I think I’ll have to pull a Nancy Reagan and just say no at some point so I can get something done!

  7. pierre l says:

    Welcome to twitter, Lynn.
    I had a look at Emma Newman’s guide that she pointed to; it looks really good to me. I don’t know whether there is a “Twitter for Dummies” but it’s not a complicated tool and new facilities get added all the time.
    You have the right attitude Lynn — I used to follow a writer who used twitter so much that she had to close the account down in order to get some work done.

  8. AstonWest says:

    Welcome to the dark side. Bwahahahaha!


  9. Oh dear lord. They got you, Todd?

  10. cat says:

    Now, take a deep breath and get the Beagle to get you a margarita. Twitter is fine but it requires discipline. Nicola will get around to explaining how to neatly arrange the Beagle hairs so that you can cope with the traffic…lists and things will do it!
    (Nicola I am relying on you for this!)

  11. Pelotard says:

    Hah, when I got my Twitter account I predicted that I’d use it with decreasing frequency for 6 months and then forget all about it. It turned out I was too optimistic. I used it with decreasing frequency for 6 days and then forgot all about it. I do read a few select blogs, but really, I already read and write messages all day long for a living, do I want to spend my free time doing that, too? Especially since most Twitter twits were… less than interesting, and less than witty.

  12. John Quirk says:

    Lynn, you were born for twitter – one day in, and you’ve got it nailed already.

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