What may be clear as a bell to you may be as cloudy as the beagle’s breath after a weekend bender.

For example –

This is a personal journey. Written in novel form

– makes me wonder whether this is a narrative nonfiction (which reads like a novel), or a novel that’s a personal journey. Normally one would be able to discern this by reading the synopsis. However, if the synopsis covers territory in which I’m unfamiliar, this invites me to consider two options:

  • Go investigate further using my Google-fu
  • Send a form rejection letter

Considering I specialize in nonfiction and have fifty-two queries, five partials, and two fulls awaiting my attention, which do you think I’ll choose?

Clarity: the difference between sailing smooth waters and sinking.

2 Responses to Clarity

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Sometimes your posts make me go and paranoidly read my query letters…

  2. Well, that’s not a bad thing, is it?

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