Warning – Yellowpages scam

Thankfully this isn’t a publishing or agent scam, but a scam that casts a much wider net. If you are a business owner or are in the position where you answer phones for a business owner, beware of anyone calling from Yellowbook claiming they’re updating their database and just want to verify your information. It’s a scam.

They verify your name, address, phone number (duh), job description – all public information stuff – nothing that would arouse suspicion because they don’t ask for personal information. Then the calls start, advising you that your invoice is past due. In our case, it was $600. I told them to go screw themselves with a rusty hammer. She didn’t appreciate the advice because the calls continued.

Oddly enough the invoice amount was now $400. Huh, scam artists are giving a discount now? The trick is that they offer to play a recording of the “order” as proof that the invoice is due. That recording is their initial call to you to verify your “account information.” Then they tweak the recording to make it appear as though you’ve placed an order.

We told them to go blow themselves. Hubby, being far smarter than I, suspected a scam. I got online and found the Yellowbook scam, link provided above.

I’m sure this is very effective because the plausibility factor is quite compelling. You’re thinking, “Gee, did I place an order?After all, it’s wild busy around here…” And bam, they have you. You’ll pay the money and be done with it, especially since the hosebag from the “collection agency” is adequately intimidating. However, we’re a very small outfit and know what’s going on in our office.

When she calls again, I’ll be armed and dangerous. After all, how many people have beagles with access to an entire hit squad of doberman pinschers?

10 Responses to Warning – Yellowpages scam

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Wouldn’t Rottweilers be more effective?

    Actually, no. I think if I was in collections I would be FAR more afraid of an army of chihuahuas.

  2. Bleck. I get that “We want to update your free online listing” call WEEKLY. I’ve started telling them so. It hadn’t occurred to me it’s just a scam.

    Next time I’ll tell them: “This call is being recorded by the FBI.” Maybe they’ll quit pestering me.

  3. Sue says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll alert Super Hubby so he doesn’t pay them. Unfortunately, he’s one who would fall for this. He’s busy.

    Off topic, my beagle Pawly would love hanging out with your secretary 😉

  4. Sue, the beagle is hep company provided Pawly drinks tequila. They can misfile together and double my frustration.

  5. CarolRose says:

    Thanks for posting this, Lynn. I’ve shared the link.

  6. Invite ’em over for a drink, overserve them with bad agave blend, then hit ’em over the head, roll ’em around in the gravel a while, steal their clothes then drive em out to the Mojave and hang ’em up on a Joshua Tree.

    Chances are you’ll never hear from them again. It works.

  7. Peter Mc says:

    ‘I told them to go screw themselves with a rusty hammer.’


  8. J. Weller says:

    The representative called before renewal. I signed ONE contract. The representative called back and said I should also be in the two other local books. I explained that we could not afford them. He offered to be able to add the other books for no additional charge. He sent over what he claimed was a change order. Unknown to me it was a NEW order. Then he offered a $495 a year deal on internet advertising. He them sent over the third contract. Again, he explained, it’s just the way we do it. It is not a new contract it is a change order. After receiving the first bill I knew something was wrong. They would NOT call or talk with me. They came back three years later and sued ME AND MY COMPANY. The judge basically said “so sorry” you signed them you owe them $35,000.00 at 18% interest as well. They won!!!
    On the stand the representative from Yellow Book, when asked about how many he does, laughed and said we have over 300 cases in Texas alone and the average is $60,000.00!!!
    I have two invoices from Yellow Book that PROVE they are using false numbers in the District lawsuits. We “owed $1840.35 as of 2/10/2008. On 3/10/2000 the previous balance is all of a sudden $2,338.35! Yellow Book presented typed numbers for balances and claimed they were valid numbers and yet their own billing shows that not to be the case. Yellow Book continues to present these fraudulent numbers as fact in District courts across the country.
    The district judge didn’t even take that into account! I agree that the “kangaroo courts” of modern days don’t really look at or care about anyone. Debtor’s prison was supposed to be abolished yet you have to post a bond in the total amount of the judgment or you go to jail! I served this “god forsaken” country and now I am ashamed of the crooks and fake “legal system” all set up to serve the crooks.

  9. yellowpage says:

    thanks for sharing such information…

  10. danig10 says:

    Please visit us on Facebook if we get enough people we can start fighting this ugly corporation……


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