I will never forget

2 Responses to I will never forget

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Bizarre. WordPress emailed me this post titled ‘Auto Draft’.

    I too will never forget.

    I will never forget walking through the streets of Washington, not knowing what was going on. Walking home, brushing dust from the Pentagon off of my suit.

    I had an advantage, I suppose. My conscious mind was in a state of panic, but being from England, I knew what to do in the event of an attack. You get somewhere safe, you STAY there until you’re sure nothing else is going to blow up. I ended up in the offices of a former employer which, by a string of coincidences, happened to have plenty of food. And working communications, which were rare here. The cell phone network crashed at about 10:30am. The *pay phones* went down at about 11am.

    I don’t think a lot of people realized just how close we came to a dangerous civilian panic here that day. I didn’t know where my husband was, and I thought they had blown up the Pentagon metro station (always what I thought of as ‘Target One if anyone ever decides to blow anything up here’…I always thought if it happened it would be Pentagon Metro, morning rush hour).

    But I will also never forget that evening…no food in the house, didn’t want to go even as far as the grocery store. Across the street to the little kebab place run by Afghan Muslims. They couldn’t take credit cards…that system was down as well.

    Because I knew what would happen. I knew there would be fear. I knew there would be hate. I knew there would be a backlash against Islam. I was not going to become part of that.

    I’d go there tonight, but it being the middle of Eid, they’ll likely have lines out the door.

  2. Robin aka sunray says:

    It’s like JFK, you’ll always remember what you were doing when that first plane hit. Thanks for the link, Pricey. It’s gone all round the world to my far-flung family.

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