Home from Alaska

The one thing about flying to someplace is that you’re excited and all too happy to overlook the discomforts of a long flight.

The thing about coming home is those same discomforts make you want to commit homicide on a global scale.


6 Responses to Home from Alaska

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    …try it being a transatlantic flight.

    And a four year old.

    In the ‘why’ stage.

    Who decides you must have answers her parents don’t.

    For seven hours.

    And people wonder why the womb remains stubbornly empty.

  2. Clothdragon says:

    As a parent, I get super annoyed at the parents of problem children for giving the rest of us a bad name. But then because of those parents, even during the times I’m frustrated with how demanding and uncooperative my children are being, I’m still regularly complimented on how “well behaved” they are.

    We drove to Key West for a wedding once, taking most of husbands employees in the minivan with my family. Us two mid-30s, our 6 year old, 2 year old, and 3 men in their early 20s for 8 cramped hours. When we get out, all the men are talking about how children aren’t so bad after all, and are thrilled with the way Little Girl followed our progress on on the Atlas we kept in the back seat.

    So the biggest frustration for me is that children don’t have to be annoying — their parents have made them into that. (I mean, mine are supposed to annoy me, I’m the mom, with them 24 hours every day, but they’re not supposed to annoy any one else unless I’m paying them to be with the little ones.)

  3. Ninjie said: “And people wonder why the womb remains stubbornly empty.”

    Laughing up my good lung.

    My kids were never annoying when we flew places. After all, it’s hard to be an ankle biter when you’re hopped up on Benadryl…

  4. catdownunder says:

    Now, now it could be worse – it could be a yapping chihuahua – I have endured that-thing-next-door all afternoon. As a cat this is intolerable and must be dealt with…will exchange children for dog!

  5. Frank Mazur says:

    Post and comment… too funny. “THE STUBBORNLY EMPTY WOMB.” Sounds like a great title for book and movie both.

  6. NinjaFingers says:

    …you’re right. It does. I wonder if I can do anything with it.

    Truth is…I don’t much like children and prefer them in smaller doses with the ability to return them to their parents…well, until they’re old enough to have a civil conversation with. I usually find that’s, oh, about 10 or so.

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