It’s the little things

My Outlook is set up so all our authors are listed under a subfolder called, creatively enough, “Authors.” I also have a subfolder called “Submissions,” and that’s where I file all the queries and fulls.

Whenever we sign a new author, I move the folder out of “Submissions” and into “Authors.” It’s a single click and move of the finger, but the significance is never lost on me, and it makes me a bit verklempt at times because I’m taking someone’s dreams and hard work out of the “I Hope” stage and putting them into the “Hell Yes!” stage.

They’ll be a published author whose books will grace some very nice bookshelves. Who can’t get verklempt about that?

I moved a folder today, even though I know it’s premature. The contract is being drawn up now, but I feel quite strongly that this is another match made in heaven – just like my other authors – and felt pretty sure the folder-move portends great things.

Actually, the whole folder-move is a ritual with me that borders on superstition. The only time I forgot to move a folder, the contract fell apart and that author remains unpublished to this day. So we both lost out.

So I had the joy of playing out my little superstition today and made me all squidgy inside – which helps because I’m feeling like crap. I hab a cod id by dose thanks to super freelance editor Mike Sirota. See, his lovely wife gave it to him while they were in Alaska. When we arrived in Anchorage, he gave it to me. Whataguy. Remind me to send him a pipebomb.

And no worries…when contract is signed, we’ll all give our newest Behler author a hearty hallooo.

4 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Webb says:

    You know I have that same ritual.

    I move my submissions into the rejection folder as a sosn as I hit the send button. 🙂

  2. Oh stop, Bill, yer killin’ me.

  3. I’m so happy for you Lynn. Now quick, while you’re in such a great mood, read mine next. HA! 🙂

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