The Beagle is not amused

Rear Butt Covers. I’m highly amused. The beagle is insulted.


13 Responses to The Beagle is not amused

  1. Linda Hoye says:

    It’s just wrong….

  2. catdownunder says:

    I am with the Beagle on this! Miaou! Highly insulting!

  3. Brian Clegg says:

    Goldie and I are a bit worried about how the cover is attached.

  4. Sally Zigmond says:

    How ridiculous.

  5. Scott says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . for making me laugh first thing in the morning! This is almost as bad when I arrived home from work one day, the dogs just back from the groomer, and the groomer’s daughter had made Halloween barrets and put them in my male dogs hair! I was so embarassed! So were the dogs.

  6. Webb says:

    All I’m asking is this…is there a hinge attached becuase I am no ttkaing it off when the pooch squats. And can you see the instructions, peel, apply, put dog in head lock and apply again.

    And that brings us to the real questions, who tested this product, are there sizes? And what self repectig animal would allow a sticker to hang on te butt.

    I predict a great deal of scooting…

  7. Bill, once again you make me spew my coffee.

  8. Oh. Dear. Lawd. . . .

  9. What’s going to happen if that dog meets another dog and they engage in the canine version of the handshake?

    “Bummer about the butt sticker, dude.”
    “Yours is worse. It’s a smiley face.”

  10. tbrosz says:

    The best part is when the dog drops one, it will have a nice decoration on it. Makes it look better, and the brightly colored tag warns people not to step there.

    Add a scent to the sticker, and your dog yard will smell fresher, too.

  11. Webb says:

    Sorry Lynn, but being the ever practical one, I wonder how else they would have gotten that cute girl’s face so close to that pooch’s butt without a butt cover. I am thinking that even with a Pine Fresh Butt Cover, I am still going no where near my Golden’s behind.

    But it does beg one final question, have there been many complaints about unsightly dog butts? And just where does one lodge these complaints? Is this the result of a Pet Store convention, or an online forum where some guy says, “Any suggestions out there on how to make my dog’s butt hole look nicer, I’m tired of looking at it.”

    Can you imagine the seller feeback forum on Amazon?

    I feel a blog coming , this is too precious…

  12. Webby, the mere idea that you ditzy bi-peds would even think of such a ridiculous idea proves that dogs rule and humans drool. No one has ever complained about my butterks – no more than I complain about my boss’s attempts to get me to answer her damn phones and file. Mah little poop shoot is a fact of life and anyone trying to stick a flower over it will earn themselves a nasty bite.
    -The beagle

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