Wahh…totally unfair

I normally love being a West Coastie, except when I have an author who’s an East Coastie and lives closer to my printer than I do. Reason being is that they get their books before I do. So I’m left with wailing like a two-year-old at not being able to see the final print run while my author and our distributor get to wag their tongues at me.

Kim tells me the final print run is lovely. I don’t get the run delivered to us until Monday.

Le sigh.

Beagle, fire up the blender so I can drown my sorrows.

3 Responses to Wahh…totally unfair

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Just chill and have a margarita 😉 (Says she who once had to wait a month for a book to travel about two hundred miles…)

  2. Hard to chill when I’ve been living, eating, breathing this book all this time.

  3. catdownunder says:

    Miaou! Purrlease do not be so impurratient – some of us will have to wait even longer!

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