How NOT to “promote”

I’ve said it  before and I’ll say it again. Spamming people to announce your new book is NOT promotion. It’s annoying, irritating, it gives the beagle gas, and make my thoughts turn to homicide – especially when the spammer is someone I rejected in the distant past.

I have to wonder why they bothered spamming me. Yes, of course, I’m a consumer of books, but it’s schlocky to spam one’s work addy. Is this a “nya-nya” moment – a “see, you heartless wench, I got published in spite of you!”

I’m fine with anyone getting published “in spite” of me. I’m far from the Cosmic Muffin’s gift. Problem is, stunts like spamming screeches noob – just like “fiction novel” screams noob.

And when I can see the addys of all the other thousands of other poor slobs that you’re spamming, I just know you’re so clueless that you shouldn’t cross the road unaided, dress yourself, or order your own lunch at the deli.

And really, gentle readers, what do we DO with spam? We delete it. Unread.

Beagle…fire up the blender!

6 Responses to How NOT to “promote”

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Yeah. Announcing that its release date to all and sundry…is what Twitter is for ;).

  2. Webb says:

    Blender? No, no, you’re mistaking e-mail spam for the stuff in the cans. That you can you in a blender and fertilize mushrooms.

  3. Rik Roots says:

    Hey Lynn, it’s good to see that your blog’s automatically generated possible related posts thingy works. I think your “Promotion between trade and vanity – how much and how different” post says pretty much everything that needs to be said.

    I will admit to doing blog posts to announce I’ve published something and, yes, I’ll even do a Facebook post to spam my friends and family with the Good News. I’ve tweeted the launch on occassion, too, but that doesn’t matter so much because I hate Twitter with a vengeance (and hardly anybody follows me so nobody gets hurt by my actions there).

    Of course I’ve got the website which contains links to all my stuff (and much, much more – I’m too addicted to the shiny-shiny of world-building which seriously gets in the way of the writing). But I’ve never thought about promoting it: I really ought to make more of an effort there – perhaps a massive email spamathon?

    I did try to get inventive with different ways for promoting the novel – I developed a Facebook app which I thought might be a fun way of introducing people to the world in which the novel is set. No interest, though – I think I probably need to promote the promotional app which probably means FB spamming my friends and family again … oh, well: back to square one.

    Did I mention that I’m giving my latest poetry chapbook away for free? I’m not going to provide a link to it though because: 1) I really, really want to believe that “If I write, they will come”; 2) my Mum insists that spamming strangers with links to my poems makes little baby Jesus cry; and 3) I truly am my own worst enemy when it comes to the promotional stuff.

    I love hearing stories about unconventional ways of promoting books … does anyone want to share?

  4. tbrosz says:

    Just so you know, when I get published I will be e-mailing you about it. Not as spam, but because your suggestions, your posts in various venues, and your book on writing would deserve at least some of the credit.

  5. Rik, spamming your friends is fine. It’s spamming people you don’t even know is what qualifies one for the “I’m A Noob” crown and scepter.

    Tom, YOU may spam me all you want, big guy.

  6. Kat Magendie says:

    Just as it drives me nuts to receive jokes from people I’ve never heard of and somehow am on their list, or from people I know who ONLY send me jokes and never even bother to answer back when I ask, “So, how are you?” but the next week, there are five jokes in my inbox from them (argh), I don’t like it when an author sends me a “newsletter” I didn’t sign up for.

    I have books out and I don’t spam people with them. I don’t send them newsletters or announcements. If I want to spread the word on a release, or whatever, I will blog or tweet or FB it (and I don’t do that excessively either!)

    So, yep – I agree!

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