If you’re gonna brag…

…have something to brag about. If your query lists your previously published book(s), you can be sure I’m going to look it up on Amazon. If it isn’t there, this tells me you probably self pubbed it. There’s nothing wrong with self publishing, but the idea of listing your published books is to brag about the fact that you’re, well, published. I know of numerous self pubbed books that kicked tushie and took names. However, if you didn’t even get so far as to have your book listed on the most basic of online stores, then I’m going to think you’re a lot like the beagle when she insists that she filed and answered phones while I was gone. In a word, we both know better, so why pretend?

Selling your book through your website or the trunk of your car will not flip up my Victoria Secrets, so it’s probably best to simply omit these books from your query. It’s not a publishing credit.

7 Responses to If you’re gonna brag…

  1. Am in the process of selp publishing (through Amazon) my first book and appreciated your comments as I will be trying the get some push through my website. Thanks.

  2. Doc, yours will be considered a self pubbed book and won’t be considered a publishing credit to an agent or editor. That said, best of luck to you. Go sell a million!

  3. danholloway says:

    Lynn, what’s the gen with online zine publications? There’s such a host out there and they range from the 24-carat (Mineshaft, 3:am) to the plastic gilt (well, I haven’t heard of them so how can I list them?). Are agents in general aware of which are which, or do they just ignore them as online? My guess would be that if you’re subbing to the right agent for your genre, they’ll know, but I’m not sure, and would love to know your take.

  4. I agree, Dan, the agents would probably know. But with online articles, that’s a different deal anyway. I’d list them, especially if the articles are in the same subject as your book.It’s not the standard publishing credit, but if it’s a well-known site, then why not go for it? Obviously there’s plenty of room for splitting hairs, but there isn’t when it comes to a self pubbed book that doesn’t even have any face time on Amazon.

  5. Perhaps I’ll send a list of all my unpublished manuscripts that my mother really, really liked.

  6. Webb says:

    I am self-publishing a blog, does that count? It’s literary ficton?


  7. Well said. I can’t express enough how important it is for self-published authors to have their books listed on online stores such as Amazon.

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