Copyright infringement

Good holy ripoff. This is the biggest case of copyright infringement with chutzpah that I’ve ever seen. Cooks Source Magazine should be strung up from the rafters and flogged with barbed wire. Please read Copyright Infringement and Me, as authors need to be aware of what this disreputable magazine happily admits to doing WITH YOUR HARD WORK!

What really irritates me is that authors invariably ask me whether their work is safe when they query, and I tell them of course it is. After all, we’re way too busy looking for the next great book to worry about ripping someone off. Then a story like this comes along, and suddenly I worry about every author who puts their work on the internet. Even though you’re protected, you still have to go after these unscrupulous sons of motherless swine. Normally, a threat is good enough – unless you’re unlucky enough to be ripped off by editors like Cooks Source. They are betting that you don’t have the money or time to go after them, so they perpetuate their crimes.

This is an open message to always be diligent when you post your work online because there are arrogant scum sucking sewer dwellers who will steal your work and then expect you to thank them for doing you a service. I’m sickened right down to my dangling participles. Beagle, fire up the blender and contact your possy of German Shepherds…they need to go hunting twisted Cooks Source editors.

Edited to add:

Those of you with Twitter accounts, I recommend that you let Cooks Source know how you feel about their illegal practices. Here is their Twitter name: @cookssource

16 Responses to Copyright infringement

  1. Sarah Cypher says:

    “We have a business to run too, and we provided editing.”

    That’s what @cookssource just told me over on Twitter, where I retweeted the original article. Wow.

  2. Sarah, I’m gobsmacked at their balls. Thanks for their Twitter name. I’ll give them my .02 worth as well.

  3. Alta says:

    I’m an aspiring author, and this is something that really worries me. It’s hard enough to break into the biz as it is.

    Just a heads up: their twitter account only went *live* today, about an hour and a half ago. It makes me wonder how legit that account is.
    On the other hand, they have a FB account they’ve been using for a while now.

  4. […] Copyright Infringement and from there to the Facebook page to read comments from very annoyed people. I could read the comments all day but I won’t. A hunt is on for the head of the editor on a stick but I’m too tired. […]

  5. The blog Writer Beware did a recent article on a man who asks for short story magazine submissions then reprints them with his name on them as the author.

    AC Crispin’s blog is well worth subscribing to because she is more than happy to alert writers to the scams authors face.

    Preditors & Editors is another good site to keep a check on for scammers and scum who pass themselves off as legitimate publishers and agents.

  6. Kim U says:

    An editor of her alleged caliber should know a thing or two about copyright and intellectual property. Seeing how she doesn’t, it is evident this so-called editor is a hack and deserves to be thrown out on her ass and shunned from the writing industry.

    Perhaps it’s harsh, but her and the entire magazine deserve to be ruined after such flagrant disregard for writers and photographers. As a writer/blogger, I am truly appalled and disgusted with this poor excuse of a publication.

  7. domynoe says:

    Two things:

    First, they apparently have possibly stolen from Food Network, Martha Stewart, and NPR as well.

    Second, there is some question on the authenticity of the twitter account, but you can like them, comment, and unlike them on their FB account (which is being slammed, btw):

  8. NinjaFingers says:

    …so, they violated her copyright and then said she should be grateful they didn’t plagiarize her?

    I’m not going to start going after them on FB because in my current mood I’d say something unprofessional and traceable, but these people need to go DOWN.

    ‘We have a business to run’. You know…plenty of magazines out there can’t afford to pay writers…so they come up with other solutions.

  9. Cooks Source said on their Twitter acct: “We have a business to run.”

    Um. Yah. So do we, but we do it the old-fashioned way – honestly.

  10. domynoe says:

    I think it’s a pretty good bet Cooks Source and the editor’s other zine, Travel Source, are done. Paula Deen has notified her legal department and advertisers are pulling their ads. The Cooks Source site seems to have been crashed as well. I think Griggs’s editing days are over.

  11. Lovely, domynoe. Just lovely. And they say social networking has no power…

  12. domynoe says:


    On another note, some of those pasts to her FB page were just nasty. It’s one thing to tell this woman she is wrong and needs to fess up and pay as directed; it’s another to threaten her with harm and death. Insane.

  13. I guess hell hath no fury like a plagiarized author.

  14. I’m delighted to hear Cooks Source Magazine has also been ripping off Martha Stewart, Paula Dean and the Food Network, which should drop a boat load of lawyers and lawsuits on their smug thieving heads.

    Their website has also crashed. The speed of the net’s reaction to this audacious theft has been amazing, along with the take down of their site and perhaps the so-called editor too.

  15. Lauren says:

    We over at BiblioBuffet take copyright very seriously too. In fact, I have a page devoted to excellent sites and blogs on copyright and plagiarism — — that has been vetted by a trustworthy friend who is an IP attorney.

    I have been following this since this morning. It is appalling, but one good thing. Apparently, one of her thefts was of Disney material, the one company on the planet whose intellectual material you never want to steal. I almost feel sorry for her.

  16. Webb says:

    We have a business to run? Isn’t that a line from from the Godfather? And even Don Corleone wouldn’t mess with Disney.

    Oh and Lynn, no one really says social networking has no power, they just can’t find a way to make money off that power.

    And can you imagine this editor calling her lawyer to explain the situation?

    “Hello, this is the law firm of Dewie Cheetum and Anne Howe.”

    “Yeah I need to speak to Anne.”

    Clicking and elevator music.

    “Anne Howe here, what can I do for you?”

    “I am being sued for stealing people’s material fro my magaizne and I need you to tell them all they’re wrong.”

    “I see,” says Anne, “You say they think you stole material. Are you familar with copyright

    “What’s a copyright?”


    “Okay, let’s skip concept that for now, who is sueing you?”

    “Well nobody yet, but its coming.”

    “Okay, who might the potential plaintiffs be?

    “I dunno some obscure authors whose work I actually saved from the internet abyss and whom owe me money for editing their work, never mind they didn’t know anything about it, I mean they don’ tneed to know do the. The sutff on their web pages is free right? Well, anyway there’s a bunch of them and maybe Disney?”




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