Saturday fun and writer conference ponders

Verna, Chris, and me...I'm the short one. As always.

We had a blast driving down to LaJolla (San Diego) and meeting up with our fabulous author Chris Baughman and his lovely agent Verna Driesbach. Happy sigh…there is nothing cooler than meeting one’s authors and being able to thank them for their incredible talent in person.

Chris and Verna were attending the La Jolla Writer’s Conference. One should go for the incredible venue – right on Mission Bay – but really one should attend this conference because conference organizer Antoinette Kuritz puts together one of the most intimate conferences I’ve ever seen.

Many say that bigger is better, but in this case, I’m not convinced. Antoinette keeps the numbers small so attendees can enjoy some personal time with some very heavy-hitting players in the industry. I even had my squee moment by meeting John Lescroart – a talent I’ve followed since the very beginning of his literary career.

While there are fewer people with whom to network, those who are there are more likely to remember you. I can attest to the mind-numbing buzz I get after attending a typical conference. It’s exciting, but I meet so many people that faces and names tend to blend into each other. La Jolla offers some seriously strong networking where deals will be made.

For example, even though Fred and I didn’t attend the con, Antoinette pitched two books to us. Intimate in this biz is a godsend, and if you’re in a position to get thee to a small, important con, then do so post haste. Chris found Verna at this same conference, and look at him now – we’re ready to blast this talented, brilliant guy into the ozone.

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