Disgusted, disillusioned, and damned angry – shame on you, Amazon.com

This new release was brought to my attention, and I have the sudden urge to be sick to my stomach. My very soul hurts. The product description says this:

This is my attempt to make pedophile situations safer for those juveniles that find themselves involved in them, by establishing certian rules for these adults to follow. I hope to achieve this by appealing to the better nature of pedosexuals, with hope that their doing so will result in less hatred and perhaps liter sentences should they ever be caught.

And this is what I have to say to author Phillip Greaves:

I weep for your victims because I know people who have suffered greatly at the hands of demented, twisted, vile minds like yours. One woman took her own life because the memories of her childhood abuse haunted her into her adult life. What do you have to say to her husband and two beautiful children, Mr. Greaves? That her abuser “appealed to his better nature” when she was all of six years old?

That twisted bastard took her childhood away in the most insidious way, yet your answer is that we shouldn’t hate these predators, that they shouldn’t do hard time for ruining a child’s ability to trust?

Are you trying to say that children – some as young as two  – want their little bodies violated? I weep at the knowledge that people like you lurk in our world, that you prey on our children, that you breathe the same air. What’s more is I weep that Amazon. com would allow such trash as your book to grace their site. Your lack of writing ability is my only saving grace – however I don’t delude myself into believing that twisted minds like yours care about syntax, spelling, or finesse.

You’re a pox on society, and I intend on letting Amazon.com know that I find you and your book an insult by sending them a comment in their Feedback section at the bottom of your page.

You want to know how your victims really feel? Try reading something good, something honest, a book of a brave woman who survived and thrived after a decade of abuse by the clergy and nuns. Kim Richardson’s successful life is her revenge. You, however, are a menace and a reflection of everything that’s wrong about our society. You’re an aberration, and I hope readers band together to tell Amazon.com exactly what they think of you and their decision to sell your filth.

Edited to add:

According to GalleyCat, Amazon’s response is that removing this garbage is tantamount to censorship. As a publisher, I’m the first one to defend the right to free speech, but where does this include advocating something that’s a federal crime? I guess clear thinking went the way of the dinosaur. Pity.

Don’t comment on Amazon…CALL THEM! and demand they take this disgusting book down. 800-201-7575. Call!

24 Responses to Disgusted, disillusioned, and damned angry – shame on you, Amazon.com

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. While I do believe that registered pedophiles receive some injustice, such as unrealistic rewstrictions for housing that literally force them into homelessness, for the most part the help they need to contain their actions doesn’t require lessons in raising self esteem. Interesting take on this publication.

  2. Sara says:

    Thank you Lynn for alerting us to this. That f*(&ing bastard better not ever cross my radar. I’m boycotting Amazon and I’m going to urge everyone I know to do the same!! Anything for a freakin’ buck.

  3. Bill Webb says:

    I’m speechless and you know how rare that is. This guy is selling a “how to book” for pedophile vicitims? Speechless!

    I almost wish you hadn’t givne this moron the publicity with this blog post, cuase thats what he’s after.

    I need shower.

  4. Scott says:

    My best friend was molested by her step-father and, to this day, decades later, still has nightmares. In fact, her husband knows to always announce he’s about to enter the bedroom at night for fear of setting off a panic attack.

    I understand free speech, but I don’t understand the insensitivity of Amazon.com toward the countless victims out there that have suffered at the hands of pedophiles!

    I agree with every word you wrote, and have a few choice words of my own! Geesh!

    And, last but not least, (and maybe this has happened) why hasn’t the news media picked up on this outrage? Shouldn’t this be on World News Tonight? Shouldn’t the outrage of millions be the response to such an idiotic move on the part of Amazon.com?


  5. I’m afraid I see things differently, Dee. Pedophiles are the scum of the earth because they prey on the most innocent and purest of humanity’s assets – our children. I don’t care if they’re homeless. It’s a far better sentence than the ones they prescribed to their victims.

    Bill, I realize this asshat is getting publicity over this, but I can’t imagine it’s good publicity. What I’d like to see happen is that Amazon is flooded with comments on the Feedback page and remove that jerk’s self-published twaddle. What he’s advocating is a FEDERAL CRIME, and Amazon is giving him a voice in which to do it. It’s sick.

  6. sueroeb says:

    Oh dear God. I am very close to a woman whose 10 year-old daughter was being abused by her step-father. He’s sick, sick, sick. And so am I. Thank God he’s now been sent to prison – if they can treat him, all the better, but I have many doubts.

  7. Sue, pedophiles usually get beaten to a pulp in jail. Even the criminal hate child molesters.

  8. Ray says:

    WOW, that was just… I’m speechless.

    “result in LESS hatred”? It has nothing to do with hatred, doesn’t he get it? It has to do with how wrong, immoral, and corrupt that is. And it’s not even the kind of things that are open for interpretation.

  9. Clothdragon says:

    Also sick to my stomach. I have years of memories missing and a convicted child molester uncle. However…. I support it’s right to exist. I support the authors right to say what he wants — as long as he doesn’t DO — though I do think the police should be working on checking him out and perhaps anyone who buys the book if they can legally find out who.

    I also support Amazon’s stance on not starting down the slippery slope to censorship — because right now the issue seems easy. No one (but the author or other sickos) can think this book is a good idea, but check out the ALA’s list of banned or challenged books if you want to see what people object to. I don’t like this book. Knowing it is there makes me ill and want to get several feet away from my computer, but Amazon is right. Their job is not to tell me what I can or cannot read — and if it was any other book (gay or lesbian romance, anyone –wasn’t the last boycott Amazon brouhaha over the disappearance of those?) we’d be pissed at the suggestion they might consider doing just that.

  10. sueroeb says:

    You’re right Lynn and I hope he does, even though I loathe violence. This man has destroyed so many lives with his ridiculous, thoughtless, cruel, damaging (I shouldn’t go on) behavior.

  11. I guess that’s what makes the world go ’round, Clothdragon. When it comes to protecting our biggest assets from those who break federal laws, then it goes way outside the boundaries of censorship. Just because this twerp has the right to write it, does that mean Amazon has the responsibility to sell it? Hell no. How many bookstores refused to sell OJ Simpson’s garbage?

    And for godssakes, have we de-evolved so much that we’ve forgotten that our children have the right to be protected from filth like this? Jesus…

  12. Clothdragon says:

    But does Amazon have the responsibility to protect us from it? Do we want to give them that responsibility? For this book or for all books? Are they supposed to be an open forum, for whatever books are out there, or closed to certain ideas?

    They did not buy the book, they didn’t do anything special to make it available for sale. It was put there in digital format by the author the same way all people are welcome to self-publish. All Amazon did was refuse to remove it.

    If they do decide to remove it what happens the next time the Christian right gets upset that Harry Potter has witchcraft? Are they supposed to ignore that request and bow to this one?

    I’m not saying hand over the children. I still won’t be in a room with my uncle no matter how many other people stand between the two of us. I’m just saying that if they take this down where do they stop? Just this one? What about those currently popular Dragon Tattoo books. I’ve heard that the main character in those was molested as a child. Could the case be made that those are wrong for a similar reason? What about Hush? That one had a fury over it too and I know there were parents screaming to protect their children from that one. Should Amazon have dumped that title?

    And I do wonder if I’m wrong. Can the very existence of this book be considered in some way support for it’s very wrong ideas — no matter than no one bought this book, that there’s very little different from this book and a random site on the internet? But principles aren’t just a thing to have when they’re easy. If I want to say I support freedom of speech I have to stick to it when it’s hard too. That means I have to support his freedom to say crap, even if I refuse to step in it once it has dropped. And after all the places I’ve seen discussing this guy’s little self-published book, I’m sure it’s been investigated by those who can tell if the words inside constitute a crime — or if there are pictures inside, which we all know does constitute a crime. If it does, I trust that it will be dealt with. By someone who has and should have the responsibility to protect us. Not someone we want to protect us this time, but only this time.

  13. I do a lot less worrying about the gray areas when I see a book that promotes breaking the law. Either a book company, or any business, for that matter, stands for something, or they don’t. I remember many stores in my area refused to sell “If I Did It” by OJ Simpson, and I applauded them because it was offensive. Moreover, they took a stand.

    Amazon hides behind the censorship cloak, and I think it’s a cop out. All they’ve shown me is that they have no scruples or moral code that stops them short and says, “no, we’re not going to sell books that advocate preying upon children.”

    They are under no obligation to sell this crap anymore than B&N was when they refused to sell OJ’s book. And as a consumer and a publisher who sells books through their site, I have the right to be offended.

    And maybe the offended collective will have a voice. Or not. And if not, then we have to decide whether to continue doing business with Amazon.

  14. Maggie Dana says:

    I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen and a card-carrying Democrat, yet this strikes me as yet another case of free speech gone bonkers. There are times when sensible minds need to step in, and this is clearly one of them.

  15. Maggie Dana says:

    I’m now re-reading my post, and in case it was ambiguous, I’d like to state that I fully support Lynn’s stance re Amazon.

    In a free society, censorship is a loaded gun, and I don’t envy the legal minds that have to deal with it.

  16. Hi Maggie Dana. Thanks for posting. I have to admit that I never saw this as a political issue (god, how I hate politics), but rather a social issue that affects us all. Either one has a moral code that says, “Enough!” or they don’t. I don’t begin to debate the issue of what morality means because it’s different for everyone. But good grief, I’d like to think that common sense and legalities haven’t gone the way of the dodo.

  17. Paula says:

    This is not an issue of politics or a matter of being “protected” by Amazon. This is a matter of glorifying the immoral, illegal, horrific abuse of another human being. This society owes it to the children to protect them. Some writers have questioned the ethics of censoring. This is not an issue of censoring, it’a s matter of upholding the law. If someone was to write a book on “How to castrate your mate” and glorify Lorena Bobbitt, or if someone was to write a book on “How to Hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings” would we still sit back and not be outraged? The person who penned this book has some serious introspection to be done. The publisher of this book has some serious priorities to check. I am all for allowing freedom of speech but I am also against the promoting of illegal ,horrific acts.

  18. NinjaFingers says:

    Hrm. I’m torn.

    Yes, this IS disgusting. And a book like this would make it all the harder for those unfortunate individuals who have such urges and choose to be decent people and resist them.

    But as a GLBT identified author who has written several pieces of GLBT fiction, I want to be wary of censorship on the grounds of ‘obscenity’. (There are plenty of people who would consider ‘Aversion’, one of my stories, to be obscene, even though it’s not erotica).

    In any case, the link is now a 404. I wonder if this was a CreateSpace book posted to Amazon’s system automatically?

  19. Yabut, Ninjie, there is nothing that you write that advocates committing federal crimes, like abusing a child. That’s a far cry from those who are merely intolerant. They can go blow.

    And I just checked; the link is very much there…with 2342 reviews. However, the reviews link appears to be not working.

  20. NinjaFingers says:

    Grr. Clicked on the wrong follow button. Anyway. I don’t mean to say anyone *should* write a book like this. And I’m rather glad it seems to have been taken down.

  21. Cat says:

    Amazon is wrong. This is not about censorship or even about free speech. This is so vile that it has taken me far too long to calm down enough to actually say anything at all.
    Unfortunately I find it all too believable that someone would be sick enough to write something like this and that someone else would actually try and make a profit out of it.

  22. Pelotard says:

    This confusion about censorship drives me nuts. “Free speech” means that Mr. Greaves has a right to distribute copies of his work. It might be that the contents violates a law; in that case, he’s to be tried in a court of law. After the distribution has taken place. (Screening before distribution is what is properly termed “censorship,” although the word is often used more loosely.)

    This does not, in any way whatsoever, mean that any business is required to sell his publications. Nor does a newspaper have to publish any advertising that comes in the door, or Behler Publications any manuscript that I shove into Lynn’s Inbox. Any business is at complete liberty to choose to stock, or not stock, any item at all, for whatever reason takes their fancy. Or the beagle’s, in Lynn’s case.

    The only demand we can make of Amazon is that they don’t stock contents that violate the law. No law can require them to have a moral compass, or apply common sense; no law stops them from having only unmitigated greed as a business model.

    And no law requires that we buy anything from them.

    That’s the only way to deal with them. Show them that if their morals are at complete odds with the society in which they operate, this hurts them in their most sensitive spot: the wallet.

  23. Oh, what a joyous thing to awaken to: Mr. SickPants’ book is gone, gone, gone. Before I hit the sheets last night,I saw there were 2400 comments – nearly all of them outraged. People called the Amazon line, they wrote to the Feedback section, the commented, the canceled their accounts. In the end, for once…justice was served.

    And you’re right Pelo…this whole censorship is nutso. Governments can’t censor (tho they do), but private businesses can do what they jolly well please. And consumers can voice their opinions as loudly as they want. In a world that’s losing much of our freedoms, I’m a happy editor – even if I have no soul or heart.

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