There’s pampered, then there’s pampered…

The beagle is making out her Christmas list early…

For $699, she thinks it’s a real bargain. I think she’s been sniffing airplane glue again.

5 Responses to There’s pampered, then there’s pampered…

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Tell her only floofy puffy dogs have beds like that?

  2. Sue Roebuck says:

    So? Doesn’t she deserve a diamond studded collar? No leash though – that’s not on the list.
    Sue (the Beagle’s biggest fan)

  3. Scott says:

    Hmmm, does it have an option for a margarita maker? If so, I think the Beagle is sending Santa Paws a text message as I type this!

    My dogs – Jesse and James – turned their noses up at the standard dog beds, so . . . the cats used them. Go figure.


  4. katmagendie says:

    *laughing* – I went into a local furniture store that sells a lot of “Log house/Log cabin” furniture and et ceteras -and saw these tiny little beds with little covers and little pillows that matched some bigger beds – I told my husband, “Oh my gawd, they have miniature dog beds to match the owner’s beds! Dang!”

    Um, stoooopid me -they weren’t dog beds after all, but miniature examples of what they had to offer in Human Beds – *laugh* (I still be some people asked to buy them for their dogs!)

  5. I tried that, Ninjie, but the beagle insisted it would be the best place to nurse a hangover.

    Sue, shhhh…the beagle has been putting a diamond-studded necklace on her Christmas list for years. She’s still nursing her anger over the cubic zirconia number we got her last year, barking that she either has the best or nothing at all.

    I’m opting for nothing at all.

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