Finally…some weather!

I know, I know, the East is burying themselves out of numerous feet of snow while in California, we’ve been digging ourselves out of five feet of sunshine. Enough, I say. I want weather, too. So here we are in Sedona, AZ…and it’s snowing. Yay!


5 Responses to Finally…some weather!

  1. Chris says:

    Whats all that white stuff behind u?

  2. Allen Parker says:

    Trade ya! My brother-in-law lives in Lake Forest. He’s got rain. We got snow. Fourteen inches at our vacation spot, you know, the place I am supposed to relax and enjoy swimming, sunning and having a great time. I offered to live in Ca until the snow blew over and he come to Virginia, but the fella didn’t want the deal. His loss can be your gain…

  3. It’s SNOW, Chris. It’s so pretty up here.

    Allen: Does your b-i-l live in Lake Forest, CA?? What a small world! Yes, we’ve had a ton of rain, and I’ve loved that as well. We tend to get starved for weather that doesn’t include endless sun, light breezes, puffy clouds, and open windows. Oh…the rub of it all.

  4. kimkircher says:

    Isn’t snow just wonderful? I love it. I guess that’s why I decided to live at a ski area, study the forecast praying for storms and spend my days chasing powder. A fresh layer of snow has a way of covering over all the rough edges and making the landscape just a little smoother.

  5. Chris says:

    I dont know…it all looks so…well, cold. That is definitely not good weather for hunting mosters. I’ll stick to Vegas.

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