Don’t lose those files!

This is a public service announcement.

On the same day, my daughter’s laptop was stolen, losing all of her grad school essays and all her papers she’d written while in college, and one of my author’s laptop was stolen out of her car, losing the final draft of her book. Thankfully, she’d fired off the final to me a couple weeks prior so I sent the copy back to her. But my poor kid lost everything.

In the course of seven years, I’ve blown up three computers and burned my old laptop’s motherboard three times (insufficient fan). In all those cases, I lost everything, which made me consider diving under a Mack truck or losing myself at the bottom of a bottle of cheap vodka. It was devastating. Anyone who has suffered the same fate knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So take precautions and save your sanity. I signed up with Carbonite and sleep much better at night. ‘Course, the beagle’s margaritas and a fresh box of Twinkies help. There are other off-site file storage companies, so look around. Mozy is one, too.

I know I sound like a commercial, but really, there is nothing like knowing you’ll never lose your book again – or all your company’s files. Last time my laptop blew, I had to pay nearly a grand to have some guy restore my damaged files. Worth every dime, but oh, did it hurt writing that check. I pay $50 a year to Carbonite. My files update automatically. I don’t do a thing.

Go. Get it. Breathe a sigh of relief.

6 Responses to Don’t lose those files!

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Offsite backups are completely vital…I personally like to have everything on two hard drives and offsite. Yes. I am PARANOID, but…

  2. I have two hard drives as well on my office computer…one for programs and the other for data…and I’m still paranoid because there’s nothing to say that my data hard drive wouldn’t blow. Ain’t worth chancing it. Not with my luck!

  3. GutsyWriter says:

    I hope this won’t be a problem for your daughter’s final grades. I back-up my manuscript on three separate flash drives, just in case. I’ve never heard of Carbonite. Aren’t you concerned about an off-site company having access to all your files? You know I’m married to an attorney.

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  5. Kim Kircher says:

    Thanks Lynn for this reminder. I’m the unlucky author with the stolen laptop, and I’m going to run not walk to Carbonite. What killed me was the loss of my pictures and a few articles I recently wrote since my last backup. In a way it was fortunate that the laptop was new and I had just transferred almost everything to an external hard drive. And I’m so glad I had recently sent you the most recent copy of my manuscript. But still. I was violated. Ironically I was a meeting with a new writing group when my window was smashed in and the laptop stolen. It could have been worse, though. No one was hurt.

  6. tbrosz says:

    My desktop backs up to Carbonite every night. Windows Vista and 7 users should be aware that Carbonite sometimes has problems with the shadow service, but by simply scheduling Carbonite backups in the middle of the night when I’m not using the computer for anything else, conflict is minimized.

    In addition, all my data is backed up to another desktop, and my laptop. Once in a while I burn my book files to a CD. I do the computer backups manually and it’s tedious, but I know what’s where when I’m done.

    Flash drives are convenient, but I’ve lost two of them already! I know they’re in my office somewhere. Probably buried in the mess along with the Ark of the Covenant.

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