Public Service Announcement: Avoid this “writing contest”

I’m late to this particular party since we were traveling to Minnesota to talk to our new distributor, Consortium, and missed all the balleyhoo. There is a new publisher on the block who’s running a writing contest, and the winners get a  publishing contract. What makes my head slingshot is the $149 entrance fee. Her explanation for the fee is “to eliminate anyone who thinks they want to be published from entering.”


Blink blink.

She goes on to say that she is a “major publisher” by the merits that she plans on publishing 5-10 books/month. Heck, Publish America “publishes” tons more than that a month, and they’re as far from a “major publisher”as it gets (if one considers the term “major publisher” as being a legit, trade press with real distribution).

Rather than rehash all the points of why this is an idiotic idea, I recommend the AW thread and Janet Reid’s blog where you can read about this abomination. Please. Protect yourself. This is NOT the way REAL publishing works.

7 Responses to Public Service Announcement: Avoid this “writing contest”

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Wow. I do think this might be one of the worst ever…

  2. domynoe says:

    There’s also that rule 13. Sad thing is she’ll get people who don’t realize they’re paying her to take ALL their rights to their work.

  3. Christine Carmichael says:

    I saw this yesteday. It’s a disgrace, probably one of the worst attempts to suck in the vulnerable I’ve ever seen.

    Have a look at
    because they have spoofed it and it is absolutely hilarious. I laughed till I cried!

    Thank you for spreading the word.

  4. Reminds me of a vanity publisher I ran across ten years ago. Similar name and wording on the website they had back then.

  5. Debbie jacobs says: is a great resource (it might be .org can’t check now)

  6. Oh dear.
    That is one seriously huge entry fee – and in the end there might not be a ‘winner’ anyway. No mention of refunds. Yikes!
    And that whole thing about signing all your rights away in perpetuity.
    And the bit about how they’re acting like agents as well (wanting to secure film rights etc)
    And the fact the ‘winner’ (oh you lucky, lucky thing) will have to sign another contract that you can’t even check out yet.

    *backs away*

  7. how to make money writing…

    […]Public Service Announcement: Avoid this “writing contest” « Behler Blog[…]…

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