Eye bleach

Title redacted is decent enough to be a best seller in near future and it is of the best quality in terms of literary technique and plot…Just American police departments if learn about this book publish, i think they buy over millions. I sended 13 000 email to that organizations about my book. Turkish authors never like Jewesh, Christians, Armenians, Americans but i love those are. So i wrote about those are, best in my book. Also i love American police departmans. Also i am Christian. I wrote my book internationel cultur not like muslim cultur. So this is another defferent ways. If we can give advertise to New York Times, i am sure this book break sales record all over the World. Thanks again for your advance.

Um. If you’re going to write a book that isn’t in your native language, then it’s probably dicey to suggest anything about your book is of the best quality.

4 Responses to Eye bleach

  1. Frank Mazur says:

    Brings to mind the old saying, “i didn’t really know what a writer does, now I are one.”

  2. NinjaFingers says:

    I love how he goes out of his way to say he’s not an anti-Semite.

    I and my husband are involved in a ‘film festival’ where we highlight really bad movies. This reminds me of some of the video cover copy I’ve read…

  3. Pelotard says:

    Did I see Title Redacted’s author just admit to sending spam, which is a criminal activity in Turkey, to 13,000 policemen?

    I think I’ll nick one thing from that message, though: “Thanks again for your advance” is likely to go down well with editors everywhere 🙂

    /Pelotard, the non-native writer who knows how to use a spell checker

  4. Shut up, Pelo. You’re not a Brit? All these years, and I thought English was your native tongue. You, sir, amaze me…and I don’t amaze easily.

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