Snooki and the NY Times Bestseller list?

When I think of the number of books that had to have sold to make the list, I have the sudden urge to drink Draino and toss myself under a Mack truck.

18 Responses to Snooki and the NY Times Bestseller list?

  1. Phoenix says:

    Talent will always prove out. Um. Yeah.

    *weeps silently*

  2. Ray says:

    I feel sick.

    Then I’m going to get on a reality show.

  3. Let us pass the collective urf bag, shall we?

  4. MontiLee says:

    I am going to make myself feel better by going through all of the reviews over two stars and make grammar and punctuation corrections in the comments.

  5. Part of me says this is the nature of publishing while the other part of me is turning puce with jealousy. I do wish this was my book and not hers. Ah well, one day . . .

    At least the cover of my books are made of awesome, and while people are laughing at the content, I know they’re not laughing *at* me.

  6. Ebony, you should be puce with jealousy. You’re talented and have something worthwhile to say, and I’m none too pleased your publisher hasn’t released Odine in the US or in Kindle because I want to read it. Poo.

    I can’t say the same thing for Snooki, other than I could use the paper for bird liner – if I had a bird.

  7. AstonWest says:

    Pass the Drano…

  8. chaplynne says:

    I read the reviews and I scratch my head. Five stars given and the reviewer suggests it is excellent for assisted suicide. Another one gives five stars and compares her to Palin, suggesting neither can write or read. Uh…another order of Draino please.

  9. Julie Rowe says:

    If this isn’t funny, what is?

  10. Cat says:

    Pphhtt – sorry about the splattering of unwanted cat hairs – hope the Beagle fixed you a margarita?

  11. So based on your previous post i would say Harper Collins didn’t publish Snooki?

  12. Oh wow Lynn, thank you so much for the massive compliment.
    You have cheered me enormously.

    I think I’ll doubly cheer myself by taking MontiLee’s suggestion and correcting the grammar in the reviews 🙂 That would be so satisfying.

  13. Allen Parker says:

    I think this is a wonderful thing. This makes it seem that even I could make the NYT’s BSL.

    Off to my desk to spew out a 80K of drivel in my best Jersey voice.

    See you suckers in the funny papers.

  14. Sorry, Allen, you’d have to use fake tan, be a talentless hack who’s overextended her fifteen minutes of fame, be rude, pathetic, and known for nothing more than being achingly annoying. Oh, and you wouldn’t actually write your book.

    I know I should laugh and consider the inanity of it all, but we work so hard to sell really great books. Our authors are hard working, talented writers who are serious about their craft. The fact that a bimbo can shake her girly bits and make the NY Times bestseller list makes me sad for the reading public at large. Is this where we’re headed? Really?

  15. MontiLee says:

    if htere’s one thing we do have to remember – Snooki’s “fan” aren’t exactly reading her book. They’re buying it for the coffee table – meaning they’re using it to prop up the bad leg on the coffee table.

    Only the poor reviewers are actually reading it and of course people whose curiosity is so morbid even I’m afraid of them.

    It doesn’t matter if you make the best seller list if no one is actually reading you. It’s a sad, hollow victory. It’s especually false when we all know *she* didn’t write it.

    So really – just her name made the NYT Best Seller list, and no one will rememeber that in 6 months.

  16. Chip Jacobs says:

    This is the day writing died. Why not just get it over with and elect her president? The next bestseller may come from a cloned sheep with crappy SATs. Help us, oh writing gods.

  17. kath says:

    Who is Snooki?

    If it’s any consolation, over here in the UK we’ve never heard of her or her book.

    And don’t even THINK of exporting it to us!

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