Communication – a publisher’s lifeblood

I was chatting with an editor friend of mine the other day. She gave me a heave-ho sigh. Whazzup, I asked.

Sez she: “If there is anything that drives me buggy, it’s the lack of communication. Three times this week I’ve been blindsided with information that people didn’t realize was important, so they didn’t pass it along.”

Ah. I sympathize because I’m crazy anal about it myself. Used to drive my mother insane. My feeling is that if I know what’s going on, thenI can decide what’s important and what’s bantha fodder.

I offered chocolates to my friend. And a drink.

Dear, dear writers. Assume we want EVERYTHING. Remember, we’re working in the background to promote your book, and promotional buzz goes a long way from separating you from the pack. I know, you’re worried about sending stuff that isn’t important and are concerned that you’re needlessly bothering your editor. Thing is, you don’t know what’s important, right?

That’s why we are such fussypants about insisting writers send anything that comes along. Your editor or publisher’s marketing contact can filter out what she needs…but she’s gotta know about it first.

It doesn’t help me at all when an author tells me “I’ve been promoting so hard! I have all these people calling me.” Well, what are you doing, exactly?Who, exactly is calling you? Newspaper reporters? TV? Radio? Sales teams aren’t impressed with generalities and faceless claims. They need specifics – as do I.

Don’t leave anything to chance or think, “oh, they don’t need this,” or worse, you don’t even think about telling anyone. Your promotion is what gets you in front of the public eye, and this equates to sales – which is our lifeblood…and yours.

Communicate with your editor. If you’re unsure, ask her. If you’re doing an event, tell her. Your success depends on it.


3 Responses to Communication – a publisher’s lifeblood

  1. Peter Mc says:

    Your entertaining description of your fastidious nature could bring in some interesting traffic!

  2. So far, so good, Skippy.

  3. Geoff N says:

    Glad to have seen this. I guess no matter how small the promotion is, editor and author should always keep the lines open.

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