The Bibliochaise

11 Responses to Want.

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Want. Except you KNOW the beagle would steal it.

  2. I wouldn’t be above scooting the little mongrel to the floor, like most respectable dogs.

  3. S.P. Bowers says:

    If it comes with a footstool it may have to change from Want to Need.

  4. If it had a footstool, I would have sold the beagle into slavery.

  5. PJC says:

    your own private book mobile, or, for the Rose Parade, a float!!

  6. Cat says:

    Could make?

  7. tbrosz says:

    My son would probably fill that with video games.

    Seriously, that is not seven thousand dollars worth of furniture, unless the wood is from the Ark and the leather is from unicorns.

  8. S.P. Bowers says:

    tbrosz, I agree. My hubby could probably make one for a couple hundred. That would include better cushions and a footstool.

  9. Lorelei says:

    I knew there was a reason I took up woodworking as a hobby a couple of years ago. I’m just finishing a tansu-style printer cabinet, then I’m making a large desk and a small desk, and then I could make this.

    I totally didn’t start woodworking as a method of procrastinating. Totally. Swear.

  10. Haha! Oh I want that, too, only I’d be knocking books off of it left and right on accident, knowing me.

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