Sunday’s head bangy – #queryfail

The query dropped into my Inbox while I slumbered. So while my eyes were still at half-mast (I hate changing the clocks forward), I read this gent’s query, which consisted of little more than,

My book is historical, a bit of a thriller, a love story, and growing pains. May I send you the manuscript?

Whoa, Kimosabe, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let me awaken more fully so I can send you a rejection letter.

8 Responses to Sunday’s head bangy – #queryfail

  1. Marisa Birns says:

    Ah, those mash-up types of books. Wonder if there were zombies or vampires, too.

  2. A synopsis would have been lovely, too.

  3. What? No ghosts? Maybe that’s the thriller part.

  4. NinjaFingers says:

    Grammatically incorrect, too.

  5. Nicola says:

    I used to having growing pains in my knees. I grew out of them (the pains, not the knees – I grew into those.) May I send you my manuscript?

  6. Becky Mushko says:

    Historical, a bit (How much 10%? 25%) of a thriller, a love story, growing pains?

    OK—this might be the synopsis: During the Italian Renaissance (or maybe earlier), two adolescents fall in love despite their families’ on-going and sometimes bloody feud. Tragedy ensues.

    Oh, wait. That’s Romeo & Juliet.

  7. See, that’s the operative, Becky, A SYNOPSIS. The poor gent didn’t include one.

    Ninjie, the man can be forgiven for being grammatically incorrect – I was paraphrasing. And yes, I knew I was being grammatically incorrect.

    Nicola…you are just a silly. A silly what, I haven’t quite determined as yet. Just a silly.

    Marisa, Carolyn, seems you two ladies are dipping your quill in the same ink bottle!

  8. Bill Webb says:

    Sounds like my marriage

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