Ah, sweet revenge

So my post on spam-mail hadn’t been up more than 24 hours when I got another one. Unbelievable. I’ve never received so many in one week. Is there something in the water that entices authors to make ill-conceived decisions?

The spam-mail was all very lad-di-da…”Read my fabulous book!” The author was kind enough to provide Every. Link. In. The. World. If I didn’t want to order it from Amazon, I could order it from no less than 500 other sites. Lucky me.

But I had my revenge.

I wrote back to Mr. Spam-a-lot (Sorry, Monty Python):

Tell you what. I’ll consider checking out your book if you read this blog post

It was written with people like you in mind. Really.

I never expected to hear another word, which wasn’t the point. But the author wrote back and apologized, which I thought was very classy. He admitted that he was a self pubbed author trying to wade his way through the maze of self-promotion.

He made my point for me. So many times when you DIY, you have a fool for a client because you have tunnel vision. You’re so focused on your book, then getting it published, getting rejected, deciding to do it yourself, that you forgot the most important question of all…how do I do this the right way?

See, publishers have committees. You should see the list of people who give me feedback on cover art, titles, is this book a good choice to buy? And I cherish that feedback because I can’t rely on just my own instincts. I can be wrong, and I have to be willing to listen to those who are helping me sell the snot out of our books.

The DIY author doesn’t have this kind of support, so they make a ton of blunders. The sad part is that most DIYers run out of money and energy before they figure out how to do it right. They buy books that blather on about 1 gabajillion ways to market your book. I’ve seen those books and decided that the authors excel at one thing – selling their book to a gullible audience. It’s staggering the amount of information that is plain wrong, yet these books sell like hotcakes.

And this is where my poor Mr. SpammyPants is. He’s alone and struggling the best he can. His apology was heartfelt, and I could feel how overwhelmed he is.

Thing is, I’m only one spam-mail out of however many he blasted out. So while the apology was nice, and it gave me an opportunity to exact some revenge, the practice of  “Buy my book!” spam-mail will prevail.

Beagle, fire up the blender, it’s gonna be a long season…

4 Responses to Ah, sweet revenge

  1. Lauren says:

    Like you I give a lot of credit to that author, Lynn, for being willing to acknowledge good information when he gets it and hopefully learn from it. Assuming he is or can become a decent writer, he might have a good shot at being commercially published. I genuinely wish him luck if that is the case.

  2. PattiZo says:

    What this gentleman does not realize is that there are resources out there to help the self-publisher through the process while still understanding the obstacles faced with self-publishing.

    Given the trends, you may likely see more self-publish than go the traditional route. Posts like the one between Konrath and Eisler only enhance this particular point. More people will be willing to face the obstacles faced by self-publishing than in dealing traditional publishing.

  3. There are two schools of thought, Patti, as we’ve discussed before. I know that many will self-pub based on conversations such as Konrath and Eisler and not take into account how hard it is to swim against the tide.

    People may be willing to face those obstacles until they’re exhausted and broke. Or they may be successful, but they simply want someone else to handle the workload. Whatever the reason, I have seen a huge uptick in my queries from self-pubbed authors who don’t want the responsibility of DIY.

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