Ripoff Artists – Scribd

There is nothing publishers and authors hate more than ripoff artists, and Scribd manages to remain at the top of the list – despite owner Trip Adler’s claims that he’s honest. Oh yes, he would never screw with our copyright infringement.


I knew darn well the abuses would continue and he would merrily upload books in which he has no rights to. And it appears as though I was right. I heard from two fellow publishers who discovered some of their books had been illegally uploaded to Scribd. They immediately sent them a DMCA (Digital Management Copyright Act) and are keeping their fingers crossed Scribd takes down the offending books.

But wait, it gets even better. These publishers told me that apparently the only way we can protect our books from these pirates is to upload our entire book to Scribd and register them so they can scan subsequent uploads against the database.

WTF? Why do WE have to jump through these hoops, wasting our time and labor, just to protect our work from these scum-sucking thieves? We have to take time out of our day to chase these bastards down and protect our author’s books.

Didn’t Trip insist that Scribd would be a cleaner system? Seems the only thing he’s good at is stealing books.

Please, dear authors, check these sites and make sure your books aren’t up there if you or your publisher haven’t given their permission: – EDITED TO ADD – a friend of mine tried to check this site:  When I check out this link I got a danger warning
confirmed malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud Click here: Website Blocked by Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Maximum Security

All of these thieves offer unlimited “free” downloads of PDFs with a monthly subscription fee.

Here is what one publisher had to do to get satisfaction. Her DMCA complaint letters went nowhere until she notified their ISPs, and then they took them down. The problem with this is that they can turn right around a week or two later and put them right back up, so you have to keep checking.

To locate the ISP for a site, go to The publisher suggests that you includ a copy of your DMCA notice to the site, and they will make sure it gets taken down. But remember, it might not stay down, so be sure to keep checking.

This is a disgusting, illegal practice, and it makes me beyond cranky to be ripped off in this manner. Please be sure to spread this post around to make people aware  of these sites and make a big stink. This is money being stolen from publishers and authors.

And PLEASE, do NOT do business with these sites. They are making illegal profits.

Please read Lev Raphael’s personal story regarding Scribd here

10 Responses to Ripoff Artists – Scribd

  1. NinjaFingers says:

    Sigh. I figured when I didn’t hear about Scribd in a while…

  2. Digital Dame says:

    The weirdest thing is, I’ve seen perfectly reputable sites actually referring people to Scribd to find things… I wish I could remember where I saw that now, it’s going to nag at me. Maybe the person doing the referring was not aware of how Scribd operates. I’ve never even heard of the last three you listed.

  3. Oh yes, I have, too, DD. But one can’t know whether those files were illegally obtained – and a lot of people don’t realize this. That’s why I’m trying to get the word out.

  4. I know about book theft first hand. Two of my books were included in a 52 book scam on my very own POD.
    The only way authors can protect themselves is to do regular vanity searches, in every location they have uploaded. They must also know how they appear on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
    No retailer will do anything to police the uploaded content. Authors must do that themselves.

  5. NinjaFingers says:

    Google alerts on your name, alternate forms of your name and the title of your book can go a long way for very little work. They can help find unlicensed uploads, but also cool stuff…I’ve found reviews on random blogs of books I’m in that way.

  6. Ah, so you know Scribd very well. Glad you made a stink about it.

  7. Smug lil me read this and thought, ‘I’m OK, my books are only out in paperback.’

    Not any more! I just found out about the kindle editions, so I will have to be vigilant too. Drives me crazy the way places put all the work back on the injured party.

    ps, I am pretty excited about the kindle editions though. Much cheaper price and being sold from Amazon uk and Amazon usa sites. happy dancing.

    OK, time to check out the pirates before they rip me off.

  8. Update. Well I’m fine, but I think Paul McKenna is getting done over.

  9. I’ve been ripped off by a creep on Scribd as well, and he/she even proceeded to make MY story a private document, so I don’t even know who did it. The worst part? I’m just a kid, and I have yet to been published, and it is my life’s dream to publish “The Recycling Brat” (my book) but now that goal is THAT much more out of reach. Thanks a lot, Scribd. I’m so sorry this has happened to others as well.

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